[BLVC] BLVCK CROWZ Null Corp with goals - PVP/PVE/Indy – EU/NA Timezone

BLVCK CROWZ is a null corporation living in Immensea and proud members of the Already Replaced alliance & FI.RE Coalition. Our goal is to build a close knit team and to provide an environment and a community to enjoy this game the best we can. We are currently looking for players who are real life first, laid back, honest, and fun loving team players.

As a corporation many of our policies are not set in stone, only educated guidelines we have developed based on suggestions and experience, we welcome your constructive input. Only you can decide how involved you are with the shaping of corporation policies and actions. We need those special people to take the initiative to drive us towards excellence in the many fields of operations. We plan to remain a corporation where each member is valued and to teach members how to become self sufficient. We are open to both veterans and new players.

What we offer:
βœͺ 0.0 life (PVP / PVE / Industrial / Coalition ops)
βœͺ Experienced leadership
βœͺ ISK making opportunities
βœͺ Small to medium corporation and alliance roams and large scale coalition sov null fighting
βœͺ Alliance and Coalition SRP program
βœͺ No mandatory ops!
βœͺ Ore / Moon / Ice mining
βœͺ Corporation ore, gas and loot buy-back program so you do not need to haul anything
βœͺ Jump freighter service
βœͺ Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak & Pathfinder
βœͺ Guidance to newer players and returning players
βœͺ Opportunity to help build a strong and successful corporation from the ground up
βœͺ Drama free environment
βœͺ Real life first

How do we support you?
βœͺ Advice and guidance
βœͺ Help with ship set ups
βœͺ Help with skill plans
βœͺ Regular corporations, alliance and coalition ops
βœͺ Help to become self-sufficient and space rich
βœͺ A supportive community of pilots around you

What we are looking for?
βœͺ Must be 18+ years old
βœͺ Omega characters with at least 5 million skillpoints
βœͺ Registration on the corporation, alliance and coalition SEAT
βœͺ A mature friendly attitude
βœͺ Drama free game play
βœͺ Team Players
βœͺ Must be able and willing to speak English
βœͺ Must be willing and able to use comms during fleet operations
βœͺ Respect given to all players
βœͺ Real life first

Our Goals:
βœͺ Grow to 10 active members
βœͺ Establish a SRP programme for corporation ops
βœͺ Grow to 20 active member
βœͺ Established a PVP core to allow us to take more fights and deploy to hostile areas.
βœͺ Establish a PVE core to allow us to do wh diving, abyssal fleets and other high end PVE sites.
βœͺ Established an industrial backbone to supply our corporation/alliance and eventually become self sufficient.
βœͺ Become a well established null corporation
βœͺ Grow to 40 active members
βœͺ Expand into other timezones
βœͺ Become a key member of our alliance

If you’re interested in a chat to get to know us, join the in-game channel BLVCK CROWZ PUBLIC our discord or contact a member of our recruitment team below.

Recruiters: Keratrin Entrogie, Aya Yukiko & Alexander Richardson
Public channel: BLVCK CROWZ PUBLIC

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We’re still looking for laid-back guys and girls to join us on our adventure. So come and have a chat with us in-game or on Discord!




Another bump because we’re still looking for more members. Come have a chat with us!


Recruitment closed until further notice

Recruitment reopened. We are now part of the Already Replaced alliance & FI.RE Coalition living in Immensea come and join us in null lots of opportunities for pvp, pve and indy.

Bump. Give us a shout if you’re looking for a laid back corp where real life comes first!