[BOND] 20Billion fully collateralised @ 2% for 3 months

This is a 20 Billion ISK bond with 2% interest per month. 40 bonds at 500 million each.

Price of bond - 500 million each
Number of bonds - 40
Interest - 2% per month (paid at bond conclusion)
Length - 3 month (12 weeks)
Start date - Friday 14th June 2019
End date - Friday 6th Sept 2019
Collateral - 110% held by @Elizabeth_Norn

Investor List
[Character] - [No of Bonds] - [ISK total] - [status]
@Xylem_Viliana - 10 - 5billion - Active
@Fazzy_Star - 10 - 5billion - Active
@Solonius_Rex - 10 - 5billion - Active
@Tiddle_Jr - 10 - 5billion - Active

Wanting to start post to gather interest. Waiting on @Elizabeth_Norn to confirm able to hold collateral for duration.


As participants in my previous offering will get first option to partake in this second bond.

I will do 20 once Norn confirms collateral.

I’ll do 10 bonds if any left after the VIP participants :slight_smile:

I’ll do 20 bonds once Norn confirms

im game for as much as is needed

@Fazzy_Star @Xylem_Viliana @Solonius_Rex @Tiddle_Jr

Is everyone happy to share it out 10bonds each?

@Elizabeth_Norn replied ingame just waiting for a reply here to get the ball rolling.

I’m okay with 10.

works for me

Confirmed 10 bonds

All good here

Confirming I’m holding at least 20b worth of collateral for Thousandaire.

The above four can send the ISK directly to Thousandaire.

Done from me :slight_smile:

@Xylem_Viliana received OP updated. Thank you.

@Elizabeth_Norn thank you for offering an amazing service!

@Fazzy_Star @Tiddle_Jr @Solonius_Rex please send ISK.

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ISK sent, thanks.

Iskies sent to ENorn

Just sent isk, sorry just logged on now.