BPC Shop : Titans, Supers and All Capital Packs (Buy 5 get 1 free)

(Fawniquaa) #122

Thank you for the fast service. Free bump

(MT Han) #123

Lots of BPCs for sale.

(clan Audene) #124

wtb mtt BPC

how mach

(MT Han) #125

mtt bpc?

(MT Han) #126

Lots of packs still for sale.

(clan Audene) #127

yes the Ragnarok and Leviathan BPC

(MT Han) #128

I only have ragnarok bpc atm and i sell it as a pack if you want it like that.

(BoDka) #129

Thanks for packs!

(clan Audene) #130

okey,You can give me a contract, but how much is it?

(clan Audene) #131

You can send this email to me directly in the game, ID.

(MT Han) #132

No problem.

Also BoDka just bough the last ragnarok pack i have.

Next BPCs are ready in 15 days.

(MT Han) #133

Lots of bpcs for sale.

(MT Han) #134

Still open for bulk orders.

(Kree Tawate) #135

Hi give me two rorquals packs 2 orca packs 2 nighogger kits 2 archon 2 thantos thanks

(MT Han) #136

Still open for business.

(Graptharr) #137

Orca And a rorqual pack?

(MT Han) #138

will contract tonight.