:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!

Bids submitted, guys.

Still buying!!!

Hi Maizie, what would be the price for a 11mill combat pilot and a 16mill one?

Considering selling her, however wanted to know, if I should just take 5mill with extractors and sell them as well :smiley:

Hey Maudie, got an industry toon I can buy? Looking for it to be able to fly an orca too.

Maybe I can interest you in myself? WTS 181m SP

Thanks for the inquiries. Responses provided in-game!

Still buying!!

Do you sell characters?

Hi Ryo, currently we’re only buying characters…

do you buy 5mil sp characters? If yes - can you say price, I have 2 5msp toon, both have 2 remaps available

Low-SP chars are a segment of the market that we’re currently unable to bid competitively on…

Back and buying now!!

I m for sale

3.5b for it

Thanks for the bumps, guys. Glock, you might want to unlock incoming evemails… ;=)

@ Queen - Bid submitted!

Bring out your toons!!

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Elendril_Helas 4 (P: 12345)

Feel free to make an offer

Looking for offer on this character:

pw 1234

PM’d you in game as well.

I"m up for sale. I have 3 other characters with the same statistics as well.