:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!

(Azure Wyvern) #208

working to get started asap… at work atm so bear with me :slight_smile:

(prosto Vovka) #209

confirming being sold

(prosto Vovka) #210

isk and account information received. Started transfer

(Azure Wyvern) #211

ISK and account info recieved… started transfer

(Vernei Orlov) #212

51mil sp PVP toon for sale here https://forums.eveonline.com/t/wts-51mil-sp-pvp-pilot/80664

edit: corrected link

(Tyomnei Prizrak) #213

33mil SP carrier/Nyx pilot for sale here WTS Gallente carrier pilot, can sit in a Nyx - 33mil SP

(theo valk) #214

11m SP Exhumer pilot https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/theo_valk 8.5b

(Maizie Fields) #215

pV: Email confirmation of the transfer has not been received. Please advise

(Maizie Fields) #216

AW: Email confirmation of the transfer has not been received. Please advise

(Phan Korbal) #217

It will be soon… Over 12 hours ago probably cus of extended downtime and i did x2 tickets but should be very soon
… I will keep eye out this is azure btw

(Maizie Fields) #218

Thanks Phan, if you’re using PLEX/support tickets for the transfers, It could take a day or two…

(Phan Korbal) #219

damn… i apologize but tickets are up and have been up almost a day already so shouldnt be long at all… i will give sharp updates to the order and will give u any emails i receive. EDIT: Im kinda new to using that method… didnt realize im sorry but I promise delivery

(Phan Korbal) #220

Seem to be moving slowly today… Meh hope they get to them soon

(Darrell Amatin) #221

still active?

(Maizie Fields) #222

Always active… ;=) Thanks for the recent inquiries, responses have been provided in-game.

(Phan Korbal) #223

Ya idk what going on… They havnt even responded to them. Deny or accept but the plex is on both accounts still and i am working on it as we speak

(Phan Korbal) #224

Can you contact me in game?

(Darrell Amatin) #225

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Darrell_Amatin wondering how much i can get for him

(Phan Korbal) #226

Have u heard anything?

(Darrell Amatin) #227

waiting on a few more offers yours i still at the top!