Brisc Rubal removed from the CSM 13


(CCP Dopamine) #1

Please use this thread to discuss all the matters regarding the removal of one of the CSM members explained in our dev blog.

Due to the sensitive nature of the situation I kindly ask that we keep the conversation civil and in-line with the Forum rules.

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No I never respected this guy. He advocated for combat inty to lose nullification but he never uses inty properly, like autocannon on a raptor? give me a break.

(Querns) #3

I assume that since CSM 14 elections are probably pretty soon that there won’t be a replacement for Brisc Rubal’s slot?

(CCP Dopamine) #4

That is correct. We will finish the term with 9 active members.

(Arrendis) #5

C’mon. Straw man much? That’s clearly a travelceptor for keeping eyes on hostile staging. The guns are an afterthought, and probably just whatever he had in the hangar.

Obviously, not knowing any of the specifics of what happened, all I can say is that it’s a real shame. I hope the other CSMs will start to pick up some of the slack in actual community engagement. (But not Aryth. That’d just be unpleasant for all involved. It would amuse me, though.)

(Gul Otsito) #6

Well Done the other members of the CSM - that took guts.

(Dracvlad) #7

That is a real shame as he was a very active and productive member of the CSM.

(BK Redone) #8

Maintaining the integrity of the game is above all. Well done!

(Xsagaroth) #9

I feel the october 2018 balance pass that he had more than a passing influence over (and was terrible) should be revisited in light of this information, as i feel it brings into question all other affairs he has had a hand in.

(DeMichael Crimson) #10

Wow, gotta say that is indeed extremely disheartening news to read about the CSM.

  • Brisc Rubal has been removed from his role as a CSM 13 representative effective immediately and will not be able to run in any future CSM elections.
  • All his in-game accounts have been permanently banned from the game.
  • Two other players involved in this incident have received a one-year ban.
  • All the illicit assets and ISK gained from this incident have been confiscated.

Wow, kinda of sorry to hear that, all that time and effort is now wasted and gone.

Anyway, guess we can all agree never to share confidential information with sticky fingered friends.

(Brisc Rubal) #11

For the record - and I assume this will get removed - but I do not know what the charges are against me, and I deny that I leaked any information that could have been monetized in game to any members of my alliance.

I believe this is a mistake, and I hope that I’ll have an opportunity to clear my name.


He can fit a ship as silly as he wants but dont go asking for changes if he himself never used a ship for its intended purpose.

Yes we know what happened:

Brisc Rubal has been found to be sharing confidential information with a member of his alliance that was later used by another alliance member to conduct illicit in-game transactions.

(Marek Kanenald) #13

The plot thickens.

(Lulu Lunette) #14

Same - I hope there was some sort of due process here.

This particular CSM was the most visible here on the forums.

Shocking news :frowning:

(Daichi Yamato) #15


Often didn’t agree with him but his activity on here was great.

(Odelll) #16

The evidence better be rock soild before CCP throws a Washington Lawyer under the bus

(ITTigerClawIK) #17

CSM Espionage, the ultimate spy meta-game with the ultimate consequences of getting caught.


@CCP_Dopamine , why he is not banned from forums?

(Xsagaroth) #19

I believe you are lying right now, sorry.

(Marek Kanenald) #20

I have no idea and would like to see the evidence.