Brotherhood of Gravediggers [DI3..] / Low Sec PVP Corp (EU/US/AU)


Who are we:

Brotherhood of Gravediggers [DI3…] is a proud member of Cruis3rs Cr3w alliance.

We are a corp focused on content creation and are looking for active players across all timezones, who are primarily focused on PvP.

We are based in the Lowsec region of Placid, filled with players mainly in EU TZ. However, being a part of Cruis3r Cr3w alliance allows us to have access to fleets across all timezones.

What we can offer:

  • Drama Free Environment !!!
  • Constant fleets and PvP throughout the week
  • Experienced FCs and leadership team
  • SRP program
  • Access and help with level 5 missions (a safe and lucrative method of isk making)

Corp Killboard
Alliance Killboard

What we’re looking for:

  • Mature and friendly players.
  • PVP Oriented
  • Minimum SP - 30mil (Exceptions can be made)
  • Second Omega Account (Preferred)
  • TS3 - Discord - Mandatory

Join our Discord at [DI3…] for a chat, or join our ingame channel “Man_Cave” if you have questions.

Recruitment Form - If we sound like a good fit for you, you can fill out this recruitment form and we will get back to you ASAP!

Join us for daily PVP !!

Still Recruiting

Looking for active pilots!

Looking for active pilots!

Looking for active pilots!

Still looking for active pilots!

Still Recruiting

Come join in on the fun :slight_smile:

Still seeking active players !

Still Recruiting !

Come join the fun !

Another one bites the dust, come join for shiny kills :slight_smile:

Great content to be had :slight_smile:

to the top !

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