Bug: App unusable after character transfer

I transferred a character to my other account last night and now the EVE portal app is unusable because it keeps on popping up “Your character tokens have expired” endlessly. (Clicked it away ~30 times to see if it’s fixable manually)

I obviously had these 2 characters (and more) configured in the app and it worked fine before the transfer but now that one char is missing from the one account, this happens

Submit a ticket, I doubt you’ll find an answer on these forums.

Try removing and re-adding the character. You need to do the same thing with 3rd party tools like EVEMon. The ESI key seems to be associated with the wrong account.

I made a ticket and they told me to post on the forums as it’s not ingame.

I would have tried that but every time I open the app I get bombarded by modal popups and can’t do anything.

Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling so you can re-add everyone manually?

Not yet. That’s the next step.

I managed to report the bug a 3rd time now, in-app - after force quitting it yet again I had another char active and could use the app until I clicked on “Switch character”

Fair enough, my apologies. I thought the ESI key was part of the game.

I experienced the same bug after adding a character to the app which was then biomassed. Not sure if this is Android specific but when I reinstalled it preserved my user settings and I was forced to go and manually clear the app’s data in my phone settings.

Clearing the data did fix the problem for me so Portal is usable again but if you are going to biomass or transfer a character make sure to log them out on the app first or you will have to clear data/uninstall and readd all characters.

We recommend you to uninstall and have a fresh reinstall from Google Play or App Store.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.