C0NTRABAND INC. - *update* Recruitment reopened

o/ Eleese! Been ages, good to see you still playing, drop in the lounge and chat any time and thanks for the love :slight_smile:

Daily bump

Epic bunch of lads, great space and a top alliance. You really can do whatever style of gameplay you wish out here.

Still looking for able bodied and disable bodies to join the ranks, Join the lounge or reach out on discord to make your mark.

Apply today!

Or Tomorrow!

Or whenever…something something

Sexy stuff inside

That works!

Still open, apply now!

We are looking for all pilots, 10m sp minimum and omega account required or commitment to get omega in the first weeks. If you are looking for a home where the people actually LIKE each other and enjoy working together on a day to day basis on all that Eve has to offer this is the place for you!

do you like diks? we collect frozen diks.

Join now!

Lf for a few more talented pilots!

Recruitment window is still open people.

Good fights, good people, good fun here! Apply today!

Hello pilot! Are you concerned about the state of the environment? Worried about the countless MTU’s that are abandoned in space? WELL worry no more! Here at Contraband inc. we pride our self’s in making sure our beautiful 0.0 space is kept clean for the next generation of capsuleer’s to enjoy! Sign up now and help us in cleaning up the surrounding neighborhoods … believe us, they sure need a good cleaning. After all we are a family driven corp where being a good neighbor is part of our core beliefs!

LOL, Varro pops MTU’s like Richy pops erectile dysfunction pills…god I love this corp


“erectile dysfunction pills” is this weeks Contraband we are pushing!!

You do realise you can get them over the counter now at Boots. Not that I need them but its the sort of literature you get when your over 50 (Yes we do accept the more mature player) :slight_smile:

Mature? I’ve never used that word to describe you guys :smiley:

It’s a descriptive word that usually falls well below “awesome” “cool” and “sexually fulfilling” I can understand why you haven’t heard it much with so many more fitting descriptions like these.