C2 WH Corp looking to expand - PVP/Indy/Explore (Also, this is really just a diary about girls and stuff I update to ensure it isn't just the word "BUMP")

Hey. Haven’t played in a while but interested in getting back into the game. Used to play in wormhole mainly, so I have a lot of the pvp skills, mining and gas harvesting to at least be getting on with. Let me know!

Hey mate,

Sure, ping me a PM ingame (SSjGhost) and we can talk.

Best to let me know what it is you’re into and essentially want you want from joining the Corp.
I can then let you I know what were are about and see if it’s a good fit?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Wow… well I don’t know if it’s the clarity of mind that comes with not drinking for a week (yes I went out with mates and drunk non-alcoholic beer!) or the fact I may have developed a 6th sense living in this hole but does anyone else think sites are getting easier?

I’m joking! Ive defo noticed they are now a LOT harder… and when I say harder I mean a lot more “Spiky” ones and f*%k all power ups!

Oh well, at least I can 1337 a site and not wast my Saturday I don’t know… living my life!

Recruitment still open o7 PM me for details :slight_smile:

Well, looks like it’s time to update the advert again.

Went shopping today to upgrade phone… pretty boring I know but got the Pixel II with the VR headset… and yes, the first thing I tried to do was what you are thinking.

The I left my £240 sunglasses in the shop only realised when I got home… so back I go and not only were they there, but the staff member that found them had tightened the screws so the lenses didn’t fall out anymore! What a LEGEND!

Recruitment still open.

Updated Tinder too… now my main profile picture is one of me in a suit after work instead of mashed off my face at a festival wearing rainbow eye-shadow and fairy wings… yeah.

EDIT: Oh… as nobody asked… go on then…

Well, thanks to my fancy new VR headset, I have decided I don’t need a GF…ahem…

Anyway,… hands up who likes work? No… me either! Feels like I’ve worked 6 months of the year already and then I have to come back and deal with this recruitment sh…enanagans.

In other news, some girl came up to me at work today as I am grabbing some sort of crap from the vending machine and says “Hi”. Obviously I say hi back… being ever the professional and she says… "oh, you’ve had a shave?"
Uhh… What!?
Never met the girl before! No idea who she is! Then she goes on talking about her Christmas and how she was smashed for most of it (a girl after my own heart!) and then the conversation just sort of… well, stopped… mainly because I was busy but still… WTF? A) Who opens with that? B) Why and how does she know this? and C) Naa… I don’t sh*t where I eat… rule one: Unless you’re going to marry them, stay away from girls at work. Not worth it.

Recruitment open b*tches!


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OK… I am not spamming but given my other post about site running… I had to post this… NEVER has this EVER happened to me!

Literally the only node I could access from the start! lol

Thank you for sharing as that made me laugh. If you could have simply looked down after she said the inital “oh, you’ve had a shave?” would have been totally classic. However girls like that usually have friends, ones that you don’t work with…see where I’m going with this? :hot_pepper:girl:

Have a good one and I like what you are doing in WH space, keep it up!


WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Hello again… another Friday night on “Dry January” obviously means I have nothing better than to visit the old recruitment page and post about more b*!lls&*t but today I actually have a little tale that ended up with a bit of fun…

So, I’m on the tube on the way home from work when a Corpmate pings SLACK informing us WINGSPAN are on the HS hole and he cant bring his transport ship in… or hauling ship… I don’t know… he’s a pretty successful market manipulator but I can’t be arsed with that cr4p… obviously being WDS, two of immediately respond saying we are on our way home and not to destroy them before we get back!

Don’t get me wrong, we love WDS… most of us came through there and met up in Vegas the last couple of years… even rented an Air B&B with most of their leadership… so we are tight… but KoS… obvs!

Anyway, that didn’t materialise as it turned out to be a single Strat who our Corpmate ended up talking to and they left.

So now there are two of us in the hole, myself and another member. We decide to leave it when “Splash”… “Splash”… “Splash”… 3 or 4 of them; Not WDS guys… some other Corp. I jump in a 'Fessor and they force us out :frowning:

So the two of us rep up and rush the hole managing to get back to our Citadel and reship… that’s when it gets fun.

We land on the holle and force them back through the HS. As there are only two of us we frop a bubble and warp back to change ships. We return to find the bubble gone and their smart-ass CEO commenting in local “Thanks for the bubble kill!”.

Now, I get smack talk but when it’s to brag about shooting a poor defensless bubble when the 5 of them couldn’t even stop two of us rushing the hole irked me.

They PM my mate and ask for an honor-brawl. This is after they smacked and brought more members to a two man fight… so I tell them to eat a bag of d1ck5 (being responsible for recruitment means I have to be nice most of the time so I enjoy the chance to vent at some pre-pubescent scrublords).

Then they jump back with 6 or so guys in Caracals and T3Cs against me in my sexy baby Damnation and my mate in his equally blingy Leigon… we force them back out.

This happens a number of times and we are now at 4v9… I think one of our guys actually lost a ship (SCRUB!) over the next 20 mins or so including one particular engagement they bring 3 Loki’s, 4 Tengu’s, a Caracal and a Rook… we force them back out.

They then mention that “this is pointless” and “would we like to just stop?” (this was in a convo to my mate).
He tells me and I ask for an apology for the smack talk. They apologise and I tell them I’d still rather fight them so “No, we wont be leaving”.

They get cocky and try to burn down a Mega with their Rook (LOL) which ends exactly as you would imagine and we blapped it. We then forced 7 (I think) T3Cs back to HS as well as whatever else they had.

Finally, numbers and mass were against us when the waroped in 3 (followed by a 4th) remote repping Nestor’s to support their T3Cs… and the hole went crit… we had to bail (I was in a 2B Ship!).

And that was my journey home… fun times…

Oh, and recruitment is still open :slight_smile:
Happy weekend peeps o7

Thanks man and glad you like the posts…

I actually read the conditions of posting here and it said you weren’t allowed to simply post “BUMP” or some other 1-word post to bump the topic… I also figured every recruitment post is the same bllsit template posted by recruiters (much like your ad in MY thread you cheeky little b45t4rd! :wink: ) and they expect people to be interested… (which does work if you have reputation… but we don’t… not a good one anyway! :slight_smile:) so I decided to just tell people about my days… I actually think people like it though as I’ve had a number of messages saying so! LOL Strange…

Anyway, FD mate o7

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Hey :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
I am returning player I have 60 mil sp, I am based around jita and I am looking for a corp where I can get back to the game,I have never been inside a wormhole nor did any PvP, are you willing to help me out?

Yep, I frequently use ‘Bump’ with a personal comment added in order to follow the protocol. I wish they would install a Bump button for creators of the actual Recruitment Post. Even if its exclusive to the actual creator only for that thread. But what do I know? :man_shrugging:

EvE needs players and returning ones are the best… although I am pretty sure nobody ever actually “quits” EvE… I’ve heard rumors… but never seen it.

Ping SSjGhost a PM ingame and we can talk (let’s keep personal chats away from prying eyes of the forum… I may ask you some pretty personal questions… then there is the photo round… :wink:

Seriously though, just PM me :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh… and as you were so polite, have a feel good funky Friday song to bop to while you do write it :slight_smile:

Cool thanks :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️, will do that then

I don’t know… the idea of a bump button with a “cool-off” timer would be nice but people would just get round and abuse it.

Also… now this unofficial diary/blog/ramblings of a “tee-total (for a month!) renegade maverick with nothing to lose” is up and running… I don’t mind it so much :slight_smile:

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Keep up the good work Ghost!

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Apologies Mr Glaser…

I saw your link and clicked it thinking you were posting for your own Corp… you should have corrected me when I called you a cheeky b45t4rd!

If this is something you are interested in then PM me and we can have a chat :wink:


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So… a funny thing happened to me in EvE that last couple of days…

The first, I was baited out on a lone Epithal when a Strat turns up… I deal with the Epitahl and turn my attention to the Strat. Catching up with him on damage I think I may be able to take it… then the BNI and two Proteus (Protei? Proteus’s?.. Whatever…) turn up and make quick work of me.
“Oh well!” I think and drop a “nice bait” in local and I warp my full Geno pod back to the hole… "Where the F*CK has the hole gone!?"
No BMs out to K-Space and obviously no scanner on my pod, I resign to the fact that I’m going to lose it so post in local what happened and am about to offer the kill to the guys that got me when they offer to scan me out to K-Space.

Now, I am a little skeptical but given wormhole dwellers are a bit classier than the rest of New Eden (based on genuine scientilictic methodolgicilallyicle opinions of… me, simply because I live there) I thought “well, alright, even if they gank me there is nothing I can do.”

Boy was I wrong.
Had a nice little chat with the guys and they scan me through two wormhole systems to land my square on the HS exit.

Mad shout out to the guys in United Electro-Magnetic Federation for being classy as f*ck! Their CEO, Fetox74 was actually in the fleet that ganked me so when I went to send a message to their CEO saying how cool they had been and saw it was him was even more impressed. Top lads too. o7

Then, today I am scanning systems when I come across a hole (Giggidy Giggidy Goo!) with a Strat and Flycatcher on it. Given they one-shotted me to 70% hull and my Sisters Probe Launcher can’t fire the probes at ships for DPS (afaik), I heroically ran away… but then thought… “hmm… one Strat and a Flycatcher? If I am quick…” So I jump in my Cane and head back to deliver my own “hello message” through the power of the mighty (but couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo) Vulcan 220’s, I return to the hole… they left. Meh. So I warp around a bit and then go back to the HS. "Oh look. A lone flycatcher that hasn’t bubbled the hole and lets me agro him… oh look, he splashed the hole… I bet there isn’t a Strat on the other side…:neutral_face:"
Well there was (obviously)… as well as a Brutix, a second Strat and… yes… a Vargur!
After forcing the Strat back through the hole it isn’t long before my Cane complete with Hazard Control skin is even more a pile of scrap metal and they lock the pod.

“At least I came back for the fight” I say.
After a bit of a chat they decide that partly because I came and took the fight and partly because they thought I was with friends and felt bad for ganking a solo, they let my pod go and reimbursed me for the Cane!

Then, the rest of the afternoon is spent 1v1ing, (Cane v Brutix ((I win)), Raven v Typhoon ((He wins))) and when my corp mate shows up having a 2v2 (Rifter & Incursus v Kestral & Tormentor ((we won))).

Solid afternoon of honour brawling. Thanks POS Party and FelixJarl for being honest, decent and above all, CLASSY AS F%CK!

Recruitment is ofc still open and Dry January still sucks ass.


*Shout out to:
FelixJarl (POS Party)
Brad Kanjus (POS Party)
Fortisque Gump (POS Party)
Ethan Melton (POS Party)
Rob Johnford (POS Party)
Fetox74 (UE-MF)
BayneNothos (UE-MF)
Rainbow Prism Colorblind (UE-MF)
SohtonEnyab (UE-MF)

nice writeup mate. Yeah, that’s WH space for u, we like to shotgun each other right into the face, but we also all know how harsh life is out here (I for myself use to fly a full geno set aswell and while I still have like 3 full sets somewhere in empire I still hate loosing that :P). We more or less have that one golden rule, we don’t talk in local until the fight is over (In this case we had no dictor ready, so your POD would have been a hard catch anyway)… But when we talk we hold our word, you where stranded in our system (that WH back was gone for ages btw, you must have been afk for a while :P) and thus it was kinda unfair as you couldn’t even call for reinforcements, that was basically why I decided you deserve to live… or well… also for taking the actual bait and show some balls (didn’t know by the time you didn’t fully killboard research on us, that’s always a good thing in wh space :P). Anyway, fun situation and nice reaction, appreciated!


Was only one Proteus btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing exciting happened today… as in NOTHING.

I mean, when I woke up I accidentally broke my ecig and trying to put the battery back in meant I earthed it out and it caught fire… will I’m still in bed!
But apart from that, nothing :frowning:

Having a good week with recruitment guys, which, given all of our recruits have to have a chat with me first must mean people like what we are about… or there are lots of spais in New Eden that don’t like me… probably the latter…