Can we have the Notepad in the Portal?

I often come up with ideas for all kinds of things and generally use MS OneNote to capture them. I also like to keep notes while gaming. I totally believe that in-game notepads should be a standard feature everywhere! So when I came back to EVE and found the Notepad feature I was really quite impressed, and grateful.

We can access things like skills training queues, character sheet etc. The notepad would be immensely helpful, as well as the ability to export it, share it etc. too.

Fantastic app btw guys. Like I say, back to EVE after dipping my toe in many years ago, and this is brilliant.

Right, I’m off to harangue Frontier Developments and Zenimax to make similar companion apps for Elite Dangerous and ESO…


Hello! Thank you for your feedback and we have delivered it to our dev team.