Can we suggest tags for specific subcategories?

So you could have an ooc and an ic tag for some of the IGS areas, or announcement tags in the tech lab. and so on.

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Yes please. Lets do this!

For ease of reading, give me a category name followed by a comma separated list of tags. :slight_smile:

Category name: Category Name
Tags: tag1, tag2

Disclaimer: Not all suggestions may make it, I will run over the list with the community team and we will take those that make sense.


Features and Ideas Discussion
Tags: Ships, Modules, Structures, Sovereignty, Game Mechanics, New, Balance, Redesign

If anyone has better tag names than “new,” and “redesign,” that’s fine by me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Done, these tags should be available in the Player Features & Ideas category.

EDIT: Trust Level 1 (Basic badge) is required to tag topics.

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Mining & Extraction
Tags: Ore, Ice, Gas, Moon Goo, Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, Wormhole, Planetary_Interaction, Fleet_Harvesting, Salvaging, Alpha_Harvesting, Ninja_Harvesting, Fits, Ganking, Reprocessing, Hauling, Technique/Strategy,

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Catagory Name: Community Support (open to suggestions)
Tags: #broadcast4reps , #bestofus , #community


So we don’t promote one community over another: #wingman

Catagory Name: News
Tags: #news , #breakingnews , #o7show

Catagory Name: Career
Tags: #skirmisher , #explorer , #colonist , #marketeer , #PvP , #PvE , #factionwarfare , #industrialist



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Category name: Third Party Developers
Tags: Library, Tool, API

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Category name: New Citizens Q&A, Events, Communications Center
Tags: Giveaway

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Category name: Mining & Extraction
Tags: guide

Since I have 2 guides in the “Mining & Extraction” category - and plan to create more in the future for other sub categories, I think to add “guide” as a tag for nearly all categories would be a good idea. You could write a guide for anything. ^^

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Category name: Recruitment
Tags: faction-war

would be nice in the (german) Recruitment Forum, 'cause this ist our Main-Objective and Content.