CAPF is Recruiting!

We are are actively recruiting experienced PVP players in all timezones. Currently we are located in the North of null sec with We Form Blob as part of the GTC. As a corp we do small gang roams, blops and the famous chemo fleets (see video) as well as high SP fleets with V0lta.

What we offer:

  • Very experienced FC’s
  • Alliance Warfare
  • Corp Doctrines/fleets
  • Many memes
  • Aspiring FC training
  • Fun!

All applicants must have the following:

  • 1k+ kills
  • Decent activity
  • Core skills to 4+ (Preferably 5)
  • Able to fly caps
  • Dread Alt (or have one in training)
  • Over 18

Further to our presence in EVE we do play other games within the Corp including game nights. If you are interested please feel free to join our public discord or send me a message in game.

IGN: VoidedMarrow Koraka

DISCORD: Capital Stonks.