CCP Appreciation Thread

I think it’s (unfortunately) in the nature of things - and human nature in particular - that bad news is good news and that finding fault is popular where it is permitted and encouraged.

I find the giving of unalloyed praise to be as suspicious in a person as its opposite, which is why I made the remark.

The OP may have thought the balance a bit skewed and conceived a desire to redress it, but the result seems to be an unmitigated exercise in fawning (I use the polite term). Of course, this thread is likely not going to be knifed in the gut, whereas the one that I proposed (lightheartedly…) would be unlikely to see out its first hour of life.

As an exercise, go back to Aaron’s OP and take the abstract nouns, the adjectives, the tone, and so on, and reverse them, without however increasing or diminishing their intensity. You will end up with what some people would describe as a rant, unreasonably negative, and cruel besides.

Then consider its chances of survival :grin:

I think people worry about this stuff too much.

If EvE vanishes tomorrow, Ill just play summink else

Haha. Yellow Parasol already remarked on my tendency to care too much. I think he was implying ‘too much about things which don’t matter (to me)’.

If EVE vanishes now (never mind tomorrow), I too will have plenty else to do!

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Careful when using the c word :wink:

Apparently it is reportable lol

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I will take care in future, Ramona.

Btw, is ‘summink’ a northern English version of our London ‘sumpfink’? For some reason (which?) it’s always satisfying to find compatriots on the forums (and in space).

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Im not English at all lol

But I am local relatively speakin



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it’s a fascinating game with a fascinating universe … latter is more interesting to me as i’m the wordbuilding fan type.

i apprenticiate the work ccp has done.

I can not appreciate a company that kills their game by attracting full blown idiots.

523 votes and 286 comments so far on Reddit

The reasoning apparently is that new players are too ■■■■■■■ stupid for reading what’s behind the right-click menu.


I agree, Aergri.

But in the same way that a tiger is a beautiful creature with many things to recommend it to the discerning spectator, closer inspection tends to reveal qualities which can only be regarded by the undefended human being as downsides

The skin, as it were, comes with the claws, and you don’t get to encounter the one at the expense of the other.

It’s interesting to me that some people like to form some kind of cosy relationship with just about everything they encounter; their avatar, their ship, space, etc. That’s why some miners have a go at people who blow up their stuff; they can’t take the hit to those cuddly relationships. I suppose it’s not impossible - by extension - to include a commercial company like CCP in that list.

I prefer to remain balanced about those things. CCP is a company, not your best friend. Sure, it’s populated, but those folks are employees with a reason to encourage the good relationships at which you hint, albeit unwittingly. Of course, they may also be genuinely friendly, but you can guess which is of prime importance. They make mistakes. Best to acknowledge that and act accordingly instead of blanket-praising something unrealistically.

Does that sound cynical? Probably.

Dear God…

Wingspan_TT gives it as:

“My guess is that they are concerned that new players cannot figure out how to start a chat conversation with someone in local.”

I presume they have stuff to back that up. In which case Yellow, I share your concern.


Who the hell asks for this kind of garbage when there are so many more important UI areas to fix and improve? :thinking:

And wtf is it not clear that you need to right click a char to start convos? This is how it works everywher in any proper chat tool for a desktop.


This one time i’m totally with you.

tagging @Sasha_Nemtsov so i can reply to both of you.

wingspantt’s response on reddit is just “gold”:


you/ccp think new players are complete idiots? not just complete idiots, but batshit stupid retards?


I don’t think that. But I also don’t have user metrics or any other kind of data that would be critical for making user interface and user experience decisions. Do you?

holy ■■■■, is there a csm out there who actually uses his brain??

Not “me”. Think about it. it’s one post in a thread, which only gets attention because someone responds. no one cares, except those who respond. when no one responds, it just drowns in all the other crap posts no one cares about. one single response, though, can cause a huge mess.

if more people didn’t give attention to things not worth paying attention to, we’d have less of a mess. Carebears threads are a prime example of this, where people keep wasting their time arguing with people about things they can not understand anyway. the correct procedure for such threads is to mock them, socially shun them and thus force them to either adapt to society’s standards, or leave.

the equivalent of “fat shaming”, which was a social mechanic to make sure the community stays healthy. if it hadn’t been “socially forbidden” by politics and media, to empower the fat, then we’d have less fat people.

edit: accidentially a word

He has a point: We don’t have data. However: How far do we have to go with the support for incompetence?

And then people ask why other people are not overly fond of showing support to CCP any longer.

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no, he has nk point. There is no need for data, it’s obvious.

.) When people don’t know how to rightclick, they’re stupid.
.) When CCP wants people to talk to each other, but the people don’t, then a ■■■■■■■ button is not going to change that!

this is a case of smart people sitting in a closet theorizing about the real world, with zero practicql experience!

and yes, this is one of the very few things that make my blood boil. the sheer amount of incompetence at display, combined with the feeling that people are apparently complete idiots!

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Hmmm this is the opposite of remove local.

No Im not a fan.

It’s true that giving the oxygen of a response grants to posts of dubious merit further life. Guilty, yer honour…

Sometimes, though, it’s useful, because it affords me the opportunity to properly put an idiot in his place, where it mightn’t have been clear at the outset that he was, in fact, an idiot. Granted, it messes up numerous threads to which I’ve contributed, to the detriment of others’ enjoyment and their ability to benefit from uncluttered discussions. Again, Guilty.

One daren’t use that F-word now, even in huddles with trusted friends. Not that I should be bothered. As a mixed-race boy growing up in a snow-white suburb of London, I attracted a perfect kaleidoscope of derogatory remarks - and parried them using my wits alone. It was touch and go sometimes. I allow that not everyone can do this, hence the misery.

Negative feedback doesn’t have to be constructive if positive feedback doesn’t have to be realistic, in my view.

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after watching the film sugar i’m not sure anymore if blame should not be laid on the fod industry instead of on the food industry recipients.

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