CCP Cannot handle open debate

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You first.

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I am happy to stake my own money to repurchase CCP, however I’m short $340 million. if they will resell at where they purchased.

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So off you go, link the prospectus to the fund.

Don’t forget purchasing power of the $ is weaker now.

the value of CCP has also fallen since the purchase.

Citation required.

Free Subs went up but Daily Players went down significantly

That says nothing about other item sales or their other products, also no link to source of data.

This topic is about CCP purchase, that’s more than just Eve subs.

if you go from Daily Active Players in April 2018 to Daily Active players in April 2022 you will see that the value of the product has decreased because interest in the product has decreased. which means Revenue has decreased.

CCP has more than one product and revenue stream than subs. This topic as I have to repeat, is about wanting our money to buy CCP Games, the company.

You have to offer more information than just that chart.

Your thread got closed for discussing moderation, so you open another thread to discuss the closed thread and to again discuss moderation?


If you had as much trouble following the rules ingame as you do on the forums, I can see why you got into trouble in one of the very few ingame chat channels that have rules.

Why not chat in a different channel without rules?

Has it?

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