CCP Please add an "IGNORE" feature to these forums!

Starting with @Gix_Firebrand.

We can call it, “Troll Control”.

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a) ignore function exists
b) pot, kettle, etc.




While this actually exists, it would be so nice if this feature would actually block the content from these blocked people from the Newest posts category. I have a certain spammer blocked but their new posts keep showing up under Newest regardless.

That is possible to hide blocked content completely from there is clear because muted and blocked forums do not show new posts under Newest.



I can’t be ignored, daddy won’t let…


I’m sure posts just like this are one of the reasons CCP just ignores everything that starts with 'CCP please".
Please add something to the game that already exists and I just didn’t know how to use.

Taking a Internetforum about internet spaceships so seriously that you need a “IGNORE” button for posts you do not like.

Htfu or go to twitter

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  1. Bro you don’t even play
  2. Am I famous now? :smiley:

I see it as not wanting to waste several seconds of my life to have to read or scroll past posts from a person who’s posts just aren’t worth it, for whatever reason that might be (but it’s generally because their intent is attention and mindless manchild raging).


You can also do it by clicking on someone’s profile and then setting them to muted or ignored:

That will then add them automatically to your ignored or muted list.



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Have you seen this post ?

I did ask …

Noone gives ■■■■ here

IGNORE option is a privilige …

Someone argue with me there …like its not CCP s hand ect,… TOTALLY irrelevant

They are intentionally doing that …

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No it wont …

Have you raised a support ticket about your issue?

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If someone writing ad hominem insults , engaging you through different threads , quoting you but intentionally manipulating these messages so it will look like you really wrote that? You report and report and report …does not work… that guy calld whole russian player base as women haters… nothing hapened … noothing … sibce there is no moderation… so there is no moderation so there is nothingto talkabout moderation here !

This person already broke several rules … there is a common belief in forum he is one of CCPs favorites so nobody touch him…

When we ticket or report they tell us ignore, but they dont know we cant .?

They know…

So why they tell us ignore.?

So many people fed up! Tired !


It is not issue for CCP it s thei decision… they dont. Give ignore option to. Everybody …some people social hygene more important thanthe other peoples social hygene here …

Read that thread … es argument between gerard and me

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You’re the perfect example of someone who needs adding to the ignore list. Thank you for reminding me.

And you are using evey possible opportunity to writte ad homuinem commentts about me …

You cant control yourself and you cant just write abou the OP dont you?

This is not. The first time …i have seen you did this before …

This is very clear proof of your toxic attitude.

What. I have wrote about the oP was perfectly. True … beside tha all your comments in this thread either not helpfull or ad hominem insult.

I do tell about a player who disturb many pilots, and what you pull out of that ?

Lets harass her ! Brilliant !

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By default, everyone has it, however if you’ve ever been banned, or there has been some manual change in your account, then a setting may have been changed inadvertently (or deliberately).

Raising a ticket will at least let you get it fixed if it wasn’t an intended change on your account.