CCP should buy back plex with $ at <50%

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Oh just thought of one negative for ccp.

Allready isk/plex rich vets may return to cash out injecting massive isk and plex reserves that were effectively dead.


Some of these vets may stick around & keep playing. Obviously no sub increase but you do get a player.

I’m not sure this is the right subforum, but ok, I’ll bite.

Well, trading real-world currency for imaginary virtual currency seems like an insane thing to do. No bean-counter or stake holder is likely to agree to that, no matter how much better you tell them it will make your game, which itself is pretty dubious. It seems this would just massively push up the ISK price of PLEX making it inaccessible for newer/poorer players and decreasing activity in your game.

Maybe more significant though is that it is probably illegal to do so in most places. You have turned Eve into a complex poker or casino game, and you will been deemed a gambling organization by regulators. Buying in and cashing out real currency is something most governments aren’t going to let you do.

PLEX itself works well enough to fight RMT. It allows players to trade game time (and now some additional microtransaction items) to each other in exchange for in-game currency. That limits the benefit/utility of RMT to players who actually care about the game. That is way better than enabling “professional” gamers to come dominate your game for a real-world paycheck.

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Making ingame ISK to sell it via PLEX for real cash, every Botter would love that too!


I hope you’re running again for CSM this year because I’m legit looking forward to your candidacy thread.


A video on Entropa Universe, which is an MMO that lets you exchange in game currency for real money.

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Yeah gonna check it out. Universe looks a bit poop but the prospect of RMT seems cool.

Will be good to see how mind arc has dealt with bots.

Someone took a really long drag off that crack pipe.

As always your coments or input add nothing to any discussion.

I’m sure CCP will listen to you one day. Keep up the great suggestions!

Thanks will do. Now off you go to troll some other post or beg for space isk to lift you out of space poverty.

25bn isk loan posts pffft,

I guess you’re not trolling. So, I’ll give you a more serious answer. I believe that this would destroy Eve as we know it. Many members of the existing playerbase would immediately cash out (myself included), as they will have lost all faith in the devs and the future of the game. Soon, dedicated RMT operations would proliferate, grow, and increase in visibility (avoiding detection would no longer be a priority, only increased profitability would remain). This would have huge repercussions for the economy, content availability (both PvE and PvP opportunities), and player morale, which would drive off even more non-rmt players. What would be left would only be those looking to make money from playing, which would incentivize CCP to develop in a way that caters solely to them.

Entropa Universe shows that such monetization methods can work, but it would kill Eve as we know it. The whole idea is unpleasant to even think about. Fortunately, I don’t think CCP would ever stoop that low. So, assuming you don’t keep trying to spread it, this thread is where this idea will die.

A lot of this rests on the desire to keep game currency (cough) unofficial. Governments don’t want it official because it will devalue their currency. Game companies have good reason to not want it because it would mean more regulation of their activities by greedy governments. If it can be traded both ways it will become defacto “official”.

The joke is that “official” currency is NOT “real” either. Its just paper and cheap metal or maybe even numbers in a bank book or on a screen and people just have FAITH they have value. Its all an agreed upon delusion that a number of pretty pieces of paper are equal to something like FOOD and land.

I will leave you to carry all that simple reality out to its logical conclusion. But If I make the conclusion for you I will get in trouble cause like I say, game companies have reasons to not want this and don’t even want it talked about.

what is it with you and all these bad ideas?

Again, like a very similar thread yesterday, this has been closed for mulitple violations and serves no purpose.

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