[CCRAY] Crayven Corp. - LF Pilots/PVP Focus - 0.0 Deklein

The Crayven Corporation is part of The Federation of Respect Honor and passion Alliance

We live in the north ( Deklein) and are part of the DeadCoalition.

Are you looking for a place to call home? Want to PVP your way without having someone breathing down your neck? Your looking for a vibrant comunity?

Then you have reached the right place! We offer:

Active Leadership
Nullsec, Sov home.
No coalition requirements, voluntary.
Infrastructure for any concievable function.
Fully built up systems to pay for PVP
Regular scheduled and unscheduled fleets of all types and sizes.
Cheap and ReliableJF Service
Coaching and training is available for regular pilots and FCs
Fleets of 5-200+ within the Corporation/Alliance and Coalition
Active pilots in the age group 18 - 70+

What we require:
10 million SP Minimum
A willingness to be part of a community and a drive for Self Sufficiency. Seek out content, we provide the SRP and the fleets, we just need you on them!

Recruiting is: OPEN

Our basic tenants are:

:diamonds: Respect

:diamonds: Honor

:diamonds: Passion

Join our ingame chat CCRAY Public or come directly into our TS3 ts.respect-honor-passion.de you will be taken care of quickly, let the recruiters know your there for CCRAY.

Recruiting at any time o7
✪ English and German
✪ PvP
✪ Null Sec/0.0
✪ Alliance/Coalition Ops All sizes
✪ All TZs
✪ Objective Driven
✪ TS3/Discord (For Pings)
✪ DeadCoalition (Former GOTG)
✪ 10 Mil SP/Activity/Omega/TS3 Required
✪ 100% SRP
✪ Active Corp/Alliance Leadership
✪ No Paps, Strong Community

Any questions please dont hesitate to contact me ingame or to answer here in the forum o7