Character sold

Good starting bid, keep em coming


175b b/o

Sold. Send isk to this character. Will commence transaction process.

Okay well apparently this guy fell asleep. Up!

No, he prefers to post trash on other buyers threads. As opposed to paying for the characters he is supposedly buying :roll_eyes:

Good luck with the sale.

apprently you thought 8 days was an acceptable response time on this forum

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Regardless, do you still want to buy him now or…

No i bought some 207mil toonie a few days after this post

Onwards and upwards

eveboard is offline…

Well… This is awkward.

Up up and away!

Freefly! volumetric insight! Angle approach! Deviate deeps! Hotdamn I feel me like havin some sizzlin pvp.

IOTA is the future

Further up


I’m not going to say it again. IOTA is the future.

windraw offer, sorry

Okido then