Charlotte, NC Monthly Eve Meet - 2-17-18

(Lich Terminus) #1

The next meet will be Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at VBGB Beer Hall & Garden, located at the Music Factory in Charlotte, NC. The event starts at 3pm EDT and usually runs till about 7pm. VBGB is an all ages venue until 8pm.

VBGB is a nice venue with great beer, good food, and is close to multiple bars and restaurants. VBGB also offers free parking if you park in the designated VBGB/820 parking lot, and get your parking ticket stamped after making a purchase.

There will also be small skill injector giveaways, along with ships, and ship skins.

We usually meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month, but we are looking at having the March meet on the 3rd Thursday for all those folks who can’t make the Saturday meets. I will post the time and location for March once the date gets closer.

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I’m bad and forgot to add the time of the event to the original post. The post has been updated. The October meet runs for 3pm EDT to 7-8pm.

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Date posted for the next event in November.

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Date posted for the next meet in January.

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Another event in the books. Thanks to everyone for coming out and Vomit for the donations for the giveaways. Date posted for February.

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