Check client version fail Megathread

When I try to open eve portal app it say “Check client version failed” - Failed to get client version, please try again later (Error code: P100101) 79e17acd42d442888fed37192075d7aa)

It has been like this for several days already


I am having the same trouble. Same error code. Deleted the app and downloaded new, no luck. Something is wrong with the latest update, obviously.

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Same issue for me, too. iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 16.5.1. Also tried fresh install on iPad with same results. REALLY annoying.

Several members of my corp and I are having the P100101 error.

Adding my voice to this as I’m getting the exact same issue. It’s frustrating how little CCP seem to invest in basic updates for the app, let alone any expansion on it

Same here, reinstalls have no effect. Any news from upon high?

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Convict

Same issue here would be nice to have a fix :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Glad to see its global and not just me at least

Same here, same error.
This issue occours every now and then. Last for days, until apparently without reason starts to work for a couple of days to crash again with the same client issue.
Btw… last update Feb 22?

Same issue on both phone and tablet. Fails to install on both now.

Same issue here.

Google Pixel 6a
Android 13
2023.07.05. security update

Same here.

Same for me why does ccp or comunist china party fail

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This needs to be solved quick CCPlease

Same here on iOs, since a week.


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Same error there. Eve portal is the reason why I have come back to Eve.

Same error for me, the app stopped working last Friday.

@CCP_Swift : Please don’t let this app die. I liked it and used it quite often.

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If CCP have stopped supporting the eve portal app then they should let us all know.