Check client version fail Megathread

Still not working for me. Here is the error again today. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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Same here. Unistalling-reinstalling won’t help. I already opened a ticket for that and CCP replied with the link to this thread to monitor progress.

I hope they will fix it soon. It’s a very usefull app for any capsuleer and it’s very sad not being able to use it.


#METOO !!!


New expansion and still no fix.

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Same problem too…

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Latest status is it’s still broken.


I have been “kindly” directed to this thread with the same issue…

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Eve Portal. Is the intent for this to be maintained or shall we continue to get this error indefinitely?

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google is your friend … it didnt take even 1 min to found this !

Login fail error P101001 - EVE Technology and Research Center / EVE Portal - EVE Online Forums

Oh gee thanks. You’d think that forum search and support tickets would direct you there but thank you.

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Christ so the app is defunct now? Despite its faults I liked it lol

App is still dead.

Would be nice if someone would confirm the app is no longer supported. I think we’re over 4 months busted at this point.

Eve portal is kill

Also confirming that the app fails to function with an error about version mismatch.

The server restarts didn’t fix the app.

Same issue here. It’s been going on for weeks. Multiple users.

Tried re-installing, different connections in different places deffo dead now. Gonna uninstall as it seems not supported anymore.

For an update on EVE Portal, please refer to this update from CCP Arcade