Check client version fail Megathread

@Brisc_Rubal could you bring this up the ladder and find out why they’ve not kept up with it?

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makes me nervous to imagin that this cool app dies - brings me through my working-day w/o the possiblity to play eve - maybe it´s just down due to a major update and new feature-release :wink:
If we could update all our buy- and Sell-orders on the fly would be cool.

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Is ccp really not going to say anything about this?

Maybe I’ll just unsubscribe if they aren’t going to at least get this working. They need to fix this as well as add a fitting tool. Will get me through the times I can’t login. But I guess Ty et aren’t too concerned as there has been no replies from them and I’m going on at least 4 days of it not working

Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out about the EVE Portal app. Late last week the P100101 issue was occurring for both iOS and Android devices. The teams are looking at restoring functionality and updating the skills to reflect the new additions in Viridian.

As soon as we have a firmer update of when this will be restored, we’ll let you know.


Good to hear

Thank you for the update.

Please have them take a look at the Resource Processing skills as well. There are some outdated skills in there.


Thanks… it’s been a few years since the iOS version has had any updates so I was getting the sense the app had just been abandoned.

Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.

My understanding was this was a CCP Shanghai thing. Not sure what’s going on with them. COVID screwed a lot of stuff up there.


Can we please have a fix for this…dont worry about fixing the ios version though not worth the programming time to encourage this brainwashing haha

Folks have been reporting this outage for over a week now. With the end of EVE Anywhere, the Portal app is the only source for several important services. Please put more focus into getting it at least back to functionality. Thanks.

Thank you so much. Please have update on those issues and outages on your social media channel to help us alot. Some of your issues or outage cost us a lot of isk in game. I believe CCP have enough customer resource to manage those posts daily. Thank in advance.

Can you confirm that the fix for the client version of the app is under way. Thousands of pilots depend on this app.

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Please fix this Problem. Thanks

If you read above they are working on it

Hi there - do you please have an update on resolution? It has been down for almost 2 weeks now and this app is very important for a lot of players when it’s not possible to access the game directly…

Thank you so much!

No update yet.

Are we there yet???