Cloaking Nerfs

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That thread has been going for years - probably an even longer one on the old forums. CCP did mention an Observatory Array back when they were first introducing the new structures that could have provided some counterplay but it never happened (or at least hasn’t happened yet). No surprise that passive, AFK gameplay that accomplishes a military objective in perfect safety isn’t popular!

Isn’t the entire sovereignty system a semi-AFK method for achieving military objectives?

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Then people should be petitioning CCP to give us a means to accomplish said military objective with risk.

But that’s not the argument they’re making. They argument they’re crying about stems from their cowardice at the potential an AFK ship is not AFK. This is because they don’t actually care about the military objective part. They just care about themselves while refusing to take responsibility for their lack of a spine.


Gotta love nullsec. Where a 15-year veteran player with 300 million SP can be defeated by a 2-day old toon with Cloaking 1…


Touché - but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Not sure what in-game mechanics could be used to Balkanize Sov Nullsec given that half the gameplay takes place outside the client but I hope to learn!

Complaining about people in cloaked ships is very foolish. As far as I know, that is the only topic CCP has created a designated “garbarge can” thread for - because there aren’t two sides to the argument - just a bunch of wrong people that want to play Eve in solo mode.


Nobody complains about afk cloakys in WH space, maybe null seccers should move there.


But mah mah isk per hour…

That is very true!

When I was not-akf cloaking in the c4 wormhole for 2 hours to watch the locals do stuff and then reported back to my corp mates, none of the locals even said one word.
But then w-space is also know as the “quiet” space because nobody ever talks there and nobody is ever around - until they are.

Or fix null by removing local!


Wow we got moved, but not merged with the AFK cloaking thread.

We have a wild, free ranging, cloak thread going :rofl:

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We’ve made Eve Forum history! This is the stuff of legend.

The biggest challenge to actually addressing the interaction between Sovereignty (ADMs) and Cloaky Camping is something I don’t believe is possible to address.

We cloaky camp because that’s the only way that ADMs fall. As players, we can’t make the ADMs fall. They only drop due to decay, and that decay only happens when players stop actively using that system.

If we had a way to actively influence those ADMs without resorting to camping, hell yeah, we’d do it. It’s pretty silly that the only reliably way to reduce ADMs is that we need to have people dedicate Omega alts to just doing nothing but appearing in local.

However, if CCP were to provide an active way to influence the ADMs, the obvious problem arises. How do you balance that with the fact that EVE Online is up and running nearly 24/7? How can you defend your ADMs when you’re sleeping, if people on the other side of the globe can just attack your ADMs while you’re in bed?

I haven’t been able to come up with any idea that would be fair to both attackers and defenders. And frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to do so unless you fundamentally change the underlying ADM system itself. Until we get a change to the way that system works, Cloaky Camping remains the only way to “attack” hostile ADMs.

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That’s because afk cloaking is kind of pointless when names don’t show up in local.

To me a big part of that problem is that there is not enough sov null space. The whole ADM system assumes there would be systems in all stages of use and disuse.

Many alliances have a 100 to 1 member to system ratio.

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That’s absurd!

You do not go AFK without cloaking [in WH space] is more reality because someone will scan you down.


You’re thinking of people who go AFK for a bio break, and cloak up to not being caught in the meantime. The ‘afk cloaking’ I meant was the act of sitting in system cloaked with the purpose of showing your face in local chat all day long. The former is valid without local, the latter isn’t.

What? All you have to do is say hello in chat.

How about counter-ADMs?

People friendly to space ratting = raising ADMs.
People hostile to space ratting = reducing ADMs.

Let me see those hostile PvP ratting fleets taking enemy Havens!

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