Close range fleet fights

Hey hey. Lots of mid sized fleet fights (100 each side ish) i’ve been in just end up brawling at ~10k orbiting one another. Anyone seen fleets setup with smartbomb wings to capitalise on that successfully? Tyty.

I don’t think anyone will willingly brawl a smartbomb comp, so the smartbombs will need to be a surprise.

What I have seen work well was a squad of cloaky T3s that uncloaked next to my (frigate?) fleet and managed to kill quite a lot of us.

Yeah, now that I think about it bomber fleets provide the same utility of AoE damage. I assume their proliferation over small smartbomb squads speaks to their superiority.

Try to setup a pipe-bomb with a catch bubble. Position your smartbombing battleships or whatever in the catch bubble and try to bait them to warp to you.

It is however difficult to pull of and to setup.

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