looking for a pilot that can fly A fax logistic cap with some decent subcap skills aswell. willing to pay up to 50b

In case you may be interested, I have an 8m skill point Loki pilot. Good missiles and gunnery support skills as well as engineering skills. 5bil only.

What are you looking to spend?

50b is?

100b budget… Bump

Check out these characters.

Thanks placed a bid!

Selling myself. 84M SP can fly C Titan, A/C/G/M Carrier, and Supercarrier, Faxes, and A Dred,

If you are willing to pay 155B I was looking to offload my alt for plex for good. I should be back Wednesday if you accept. Kaotixs Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Vary nice character!, if I dont find anything by then i will gladly pay the 155b. Should have the extra isk by then.

Both of the below may be of interest to you. The second would require additional training to fly a fax well, but does already have carrier 5s.

WTS 60M SP Perfect Apostle&Minokawa (proceeds to PLEX for Good) - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

WTS 132M Supercarrier + Dread + Subcap character (proceeds to PLEX for Good) - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Thanks! I have a bid on one of your pilots, however it is missing some key skills i would be looking for… my offer was 75b if you have a b/o in mind eve mail me and maybe we can come to a agreement? o7

Apologies, I didn’t notice that it was the same person. I’ll send you an EVE mail soon.

If topic starter won’t need it, I will take.

Found my pilot please close this topic, Thanks to all who posted o7

Could this topic be active till Wednesday? I really want to buy char Kaotixs, who posted here very much, and he didn’t created any more posts on forum.

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