CLOSED Do u have a 100m points pilot u want sell trade?

Hi. As you know the next month , the 8 of the month, API will be phased out.

I am very interested in get a pilot around 90-100m point pilot but currently serious problem with my internet connections, i am on the road and no much time to read forums.

I have One interesting pilots around 50m point 50.3m (revelation, rorqual, accounting, nice , max orca boost!)

SOLD 48.7m

I want sell both chars t one people or trade them + isk for a 90-100m pilots. Have you any pilot you think i can be interested ?

Currently liquid have 13b and MANY multiple training certificates i can sell, maybe we can make a deal. I have no problem in selling both pilots at same time. I only want purchase the 90-100m pilot before the 8 may deadline.

Open to offers.

How much for romullis

The value of ibjectors is 37 i was thinking between 40-41m

I’ll do 40b right now

Sold, i enter in a moment to confirm. Give me less than hour to deliver it.

I aggree the deal stated, i am in high sec, no kill rights, positive status, etc.

I deliver in an hour or less.

Isk and account sent

Received, need empty the char.

Rommulis Delivered.

I see the email. Thanks

i offer 42b for tacitu

Offer accepted, send the 42b and account name give me an hour, i need empty the pílot.

sent isk and acc name

Received, i sned in less than an hour. I enter in a minute to confirm the sale.

To the eople of Anna Clarke, i a,m intrested ( i refer you here but both chars sold )

Confirmed i am for sale in the condiitions listed, no kill rights, all ccp rules apply, positive wallet, will be in high sec.

I deliver in an hour or less, when i finish empty the char.

Sorry for the delay, have some items in deliveries and need navigate to them.

Pilot Tacitus Maximus delivered.

Thread closed, i purchase a 140m pilot, no need more.

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