High lights

Near clean corp history, only been in one corp and npc corps.

28.5mill sp
Capital industrial level 4
Industrial command 5 (Encase you feel like slumming it as an orca has max yield for that)
Mining drones and mining drone specialization 5
good drone skills in general.

  • 13 Drones skills trained for a total of 5,542,825 skill points
  • 9 skills trained to level 5 for a total of 4,864,000 skill points

Would only take a short train to fly carriers (If your into that kind of stuff.)
Good PI skills (If your into that kind of stuff)
Remap available end of January.
Also cybynetics 5 for skill farming

Just take a look at him. think that board is a few days lagged as it says capital industrial training to 4 when that has already completed.

Also, have x2 11+ mill focused hulk pilots for sale shortly

22B Offer


25B bid

26B OK

27B Bid


32 As buy out. Other wise will consider 30 in 24 hours


Offer withdrawn, found another toon.

Shame I logged in to accept the offer.

are u logged in right now ?

Yes but not for long

convo sent .

Bump, may strip some non roqual skills like PI and relist a bit cheaper if not sold by tomorrow. currently looking for 30 bill

sale closed.

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