Thanks, but no thanks I could make that extracting/selling the SP alone (+more then your offer)

What were you expecting? 25b for a character that you have already half extracted, good luck…

already half extracted? 49 extractable SE’s let alone the skils inputted. TYVM ill be fine :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will be, peace :pray:


Please check, also the related Character Bazaar post .


how much you paying for that one ? PW 1492. What would you pay?

@Keenan_Estemaire 12b
@Traders001 3b
@Heather_Nightingale 17b

if you are ready i can sell it to you now

I’m selling Keenan Estemaire to MAK4 for 12b isk. The transaction will be finished in 1-2 hours.


@Anthoan_Doyruan 20bill offer?

@Dread_alllt 5b


still looking.

@Seraph_Nadu 21b