Looking to buy a 5m SP char. Cybernetics at level V and ability to fly mining barges is preferred.

I have 5 SP characters with Cybernetics V that can all fly barges, they all have +5 Implants also. What price are you looking to buy for?

It all depends on the skills etc. Can you link the skills and tell me how much ISK you are looking to get?





what about this

WTS 7.7mil SP starter Character - cybernetics/mining/transport/basic PI - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Hi, i purchase this character some days ago but need free the slot for other toon. Is Cyber IV but very near to Cyber V.

I am in high sec, not killing rights, positive wallet.

@Brotox_Maul I’m interested in buying your toon :slight_smile: if you’re ok, post a private sale and we’ll talk over there

@Zcarra_Halls thread created

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