(Bi0mechanic) #18

Still looking for more guys to join us

(Kames Gre'new) #19

Happy Holidays! Still open for recruitment.

(Emperor Kellanved) #20

Post Christmas and we are looking for new guys to join us welcoming in the New Year!

(Rozaliel) #21


(Bi0mechanic) #22

Still looking to grow. Send us a mail of join our public if your interested.

(Kames Gre'new) #23

New Year, New Goals! Come check us out.

77mil SP Main looking for a home (East Coast US)
Sydney Australia Rorqual miner looking for corp
Looking for Corp to Join!
(Kames Gre'new) #24

Recruiting all timezones

(Kames Gre'new) #25

Sending to the top for the AU folks.

(Ev0l Hireling) #26

sending our post back to the top!

(Kames Gre'new) #27

back to the top for the weekend!

(Kames Gre'new) #28

Going up

(Bi0mechanic) #29

Still looking for a few more people to join us.

(blastyosister) #30

do you have a kkeepstar. or atleast a accessible one?

(Kames Gre'new) #31

Weekend recruit for all TZs

(Kames Gre'new) #32

We have done well on the indy front, now would like to talk pvp with folks.

(Neverforgotten) #33

still looking for pilots

(Kames Gre'new) #34

Back to the top

(Kames Gre'new) #35

Still looking for pilots

(Kames Gre'new) #36

hump day

(Bi0mechanic) #37

Honk day