CODE still undefeated champions of highsec

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CODE. is after all the most interesting thing left in EVE


I bet James hasn’t logged in for years because CODE is such a bore

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Tonight I ganked a Covetor with 2x ORE Ice Harvester’s fit. They both dropped.

Later, I failed a gank against a different Covetor, but all the ships on field warped out and left their drones behind. 11x ‘Augmented’ Mining Drones.

900 million ISK haul.

Kids, crime doesn’t pay. Get your permits today. They’re only 10 million ISK for the year and will insure you against such catastrophic losses.


Yes, buy permits and mine AFK as much as you want. CODE breaks the code, so you can live up to the code, too!

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Can you link the kill?

No no, even if you have a mining permit, AFK mining is still not allowed.

That would be like running a stop sign. Just because you have a driver’s license doesn’t mean you can break the law.


:rofl: :joy:

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Things in Delve must be getting supremely boring if the Goon/CFC alt-fam are doing CODE. forum CTAs.

Which code?

The main question that is to ask here is not “Which code?”…

It is : Can it be healed by a hug?

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