Collection of Knowledge, Indy Corp , PVE, WH, Looking for Members



Need mission runners and Mining nerds

Still looking for New members

Still looking for new members need mining lovers and mission lovers

Since I have been in the corp they have been friendly and helpful. Lots of questions answered and almost always someone doing something that you can jump in on. We’re always looking for new people to hang out with. Come and make some ISK with us, or just hang out and do some pvp. We have something for just about everyone.

Hi, can you tell me where your home station is?

We live in Amarr Space

Thank you, I think the easiest is to contact you ingame.

or join are discord

Still mining still running missions still looking for more Nerds like use

Still looking for miners, mission runners, builders, pvpers you name it we want it :slight_smile:

come have fun in New Eden with us!



New players looking to learn & older players looking to pass on knowledge come join us :slight_smile: o7

Up to 3 moons a week and low sec moons 1s a week need more mining nerds

A friendly/go-easy corp with knowledge & access in all areas!

Multiple timezones

Come fly with us!

More mining going up

Access to x3 high yielding moons a week, ORCA boosters and plenty more… Come get some!

Still looking for nerds