Command Boost question

o/ capsuleers,
Here’s my straightforward question:
Does a HIC of any sort receive fleet boosts from a command ship or command destroyer when its interdiction bubble is deployed? I realize they are prohibited from receiving direct assistance from logi, but curious about command boosting.

I would think the answer is yes, but have not confirmed.

You might try moving this to General Discussion or PvP subforums to get better exposure for responses - the EVE Portal subforum is for support of the EVE companion app for iOS and Android, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of folks have it muted.

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Given that Pyfa is fairly accurate in these kinds of things, simulating a HIC with remote reps and command boost will get 0 remote reps but still has the bonus of the command boost when turning on the bubble.

It is still possible that the command boost lingers but cannot be applied again. And it is possible that Pyfa is wrong.

But I expect you can still receive boosts even when assistence is disallowed.