[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/06/18

XD why skillbooks so expensive I wanna buy amarr freighter XD

im pretty sure those will never drop price lol, they are hard to obtain.

If you’re willing to put in some extra effort you can have your cake and eat it too by setting up routes (and probably DNS entries) for that 3D software to go through your network or for EVE to only go through the VPN

Played a few Years ago and had to stop because of school. Been back for a few days and have seen that they vastly improved the game :slight_smile:

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welcome back <3

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Ok - the petition is here > Petition for Trig Invasion of JITA
Please feel free to circulate

+1 same here. Multiple daily disconnects. I just assumed it was another DDOS

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We are seeing a few issues on the backend with our SSO at the moment. Our engineers are going to need a bit more time for an investigation.


I have multiple evening disconnects, starting 3 days ago. It starts at around 2200 eve time and lasts for most of the night. It happened 3 days ago, it did not happen on the 2nd day, and then it started happening again yesterday. I assumed the server was being attacked again.

No!! My ice mining opportunities! You dare steal it?

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100% problem is there, at least a disconnect or 2 a day…

Just hurry so yall can feed my addiction LUL (Just kidding)

Flush privileges; exit; systemctl restart mysql

Come on :slight_smile:

Nothing is improved, and i only play for 7 months…only bad things happened, bugged events launched today and removed second day, all patches had to be replaced with new ones cause of the bugs :))), no SRP cause of the lag issues or connections issues…and they sell us skins at astronomics prices :))

I know it sucks to extend an already extended downtime, but at least you all found it during your testing rather than us losing access to SSO all day today.

unfortunately we cant assume CCP is working on issues like this, and need to post to be recognized as a valid issue.

I have been posting about the disconnects on twitter, Facebook and forums for several days, yet CCP Dopamine says it is an unknown problem at this time.

looks like i will do some house work. I think i can leave a game for a short time lol


i also filed a ticket for Abyss loss due to a disconnect and was denied as GM determined it was not server side issue, brrrr…


Get rdy BOYZ

Don’t you think they’re working towards that? Patience…