Comply Or Die corp opened in 2006

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Discord Server : Comply Or Die


Be part of Comply or Die is a group of seasoned nullsec space dudes, some dating back to the birth of EVE in 2003. Founded in 2006, our vast experience of the game boasts major null wars, piracy, lowsec, and faction warfare.

We believe in a tight-knit corp where friendships thrive. Loyalty and trust are us, and we reward that.
We’re all about the PvP, but we also cater to PvE and Industrial gameplay.

We’re not interested in being another average corp in eve, we want to leave our mark on the game and say we’ve been there. We are highly active with a great corp spirit
We help each other, we fight with each other.

You will thrive as an experience player in a corp with equally experienced people. But we are happy to support the less experienced active players who want to learn but get involved in the exciting and interesting parts of eve.

We love to do corp roams, and we love theorycrafting new types of fits and doctrines, if thats your thing. Equally we love getting involved with those great alliance fleets

In this corp you are a person, a corpie, comrade, friend, never ever a number

Our ethos has stayed the same, be part of a close knit corp, have fun, make friendships and a few explosions on the way.

:question:WHAT DO WE OFFER OUR PLAYERS :question:

As a corp

βœͺ Be part of a well established , very active corp of 20 years experience and stable active leadership and supports you.
βœͺ A corp killboard averaging 3-4000 kills per month
βœͺ We are aligning also to ANGEL Pirate FW [optional]
βœͺ Corp owned exclusive -1.0 sec security system
βœͺ Access to corp exclusive R32/R16/R8 moons
βœͺ Exclusive corp access to High end ores such as ABC ores, Ice Mining , and high levels of Mercoxit
βœͺ Corp owned Tatara and Azbel for reactions and capital building
βœͺ Corp owned POCOS and access to excellent PI to PI 4 Materials

As part of Pandemic Horde

βœͺ Be part of Pandemic Horde Alliance, one of the biggest and best in eve
βœͺ Be able to use those capital ships and getting involved in capital warfare
βœͺ Great amount of PVP Content, small to large fleet fights, active fun standing fleets
βœͺ Many different specialist interest groups (SiGs) like Pochven, Black Ops, Harrassment, Incursions etc etc
βœͺ Significant amount of Nullsec space across multiple regions, (Drone, Guristas and Angel) with an extensive infrastructure and jump bridge network
βœͺ Superb Market, Jump Freighter services
βœͺ Forums, Discord etc
βœͺ Best Ship Replacement Programmes(SRP)

:question: WHAT PLAYERS ARE WE LOOKING FOR :question:

βœ“ We are a pvp corp so pilots with a pvp mindset recent decent KB activity
βœ“ If you are a Indy or Miners be able to fly exhumers and/or have excellent building capability to support corp**
βœ“ Capital Pilots and Multi Account pilots highly beneficial and preferred**
βœ“ Active Players - MAINS MUST BE OMEGAS ONLY - Be Self sufficient
βœ“ No Drama & Mature - We accept zero toxicity
βœ“ Chilled, likes to have some fun and banter!
βœ“ be sociable, we use discord for most of our comms, we are not looking for 100% soloists, if communicating and getting involved is not your thing then we probably are not the corp for you.

All TZ Welcome :uk: :eu: :us: :australia: :cn:


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