Im tiberiusric CEO of Comply Or Die corp opened in 2006

discord :

in game channel : comply or die


We are veteran players of up to 17 year, some have played since 2003 when eve first started
Comply or die was opened in 2006 thats 14 years ago! We have fought in many wars in nullsec, we been pirates, weve fought in faction warfare. Our ethos however as always been the same, we are about bringing in good people who want to be part of a great close knit corp, have fun, make friendships and a few explosions on the way.

In this corp you are a person, a corpie, comrade, friend, never ever a number like so many large corps and alliances. We help each other, we fight with each other.

:arrow_forward: SOME QUESTIONS YOU MAY ASK :arrow_left:

:question: Are you part of an alliance or coalition? :question:

Yes, We are part of Razor Alliance - one of eve’s oldest active alliances
We are also part of FIRE Coalition - you can find our members here

:question: Do you own 0.0 nullsec sovereignty :question:

Yes, we do, please see the link above, we have space in Tenerifis, Insmother and Detorid and as we are part of the coalition all this space is usable, which is everything you could every need.

:question: Is there PVP Content? :question:

Absolutely, plenty of fights and fleets happening, from small gang roams to large fleet fights. We have experienced FCs, where you can learn from or feel safe that you have people dedicated to bringing content, fights and explosions

:question: Do you supply doctrine ships and alliance ship replacement program? :question:

Yes we do, all ships are available on contracts and purchased by yourself and we offer SRP for certain fleets.

:question: What PVE Content? :question:

There is endless PVE Content, from anomolies, DED Space missions, exploration, ratting and mining fleets. There is opportunity to make billions of ISK if need be.

:question: Do you have infrastructure and citiadels and space stations? :question:

Absolutely, we a huge amount of infrastructure, from large space stations such as Keepstar citadels, to industrial citadels for building, manufacturing and invention.
We are jump bridge network for fast safer travel across all our space

:question: Do you offer out of game content, comms etc? :question:

Yes of course our community is important

Alliance Forum / TS3 / Discord
Coalition TS3 / Discord
Lots of cool and crazy people
Out of game events
We do require that everyone is registered on our ESI Authentication platforms.

:grinning: FINALLY :grinning:

If you are like us, where you want to have some good friends to chill with, and just enjoy the game doing whatever makes those spare minutes you to play the game, then hit me up or join our pub channel comply or die in game or jump on our discord and maybe be part of our corp or alliance.

:question: What players are we looking for? :question:

No Drama Queens, Mature
We are mainly a UK/EU Corp but accept other TZ
Have pvp experience
Willing to participate in fleets and roams
Willing to work for the corp, help corp mates, be part of a close knit group
Real life is more important than eve always but must be active player, playing a few hours a week.
Be self sustainable.

recruitment open

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recruitment open

recruitment open

recruitment open

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Recruitment open

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