Concerning server performance & csm iceland meet

Will the csm address the topic of the recent Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities of intel cpu’s that were built in the last decade,
possible impacting eve online server performance and security ?

My request is if the csm can ask for ccp to release dev blog about this.

Regards, a Freelancer

ps: gl with the cold.

This has already been publically covered by CCP

Thanks, looking forward to the csm winter minutes soon.
Hope you all had a good and productive time at ccp.

@Jin_taan @Steve_Ronuken @CCP_Falcon

It’s a little bit off-topic (I can’t find the original thread) but were the minutes from the last Iceland summit already posted? It’s always a tool that I like to use to see if I continue Omega or not

Not as of yet

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