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(Chua Olacar) #2

broskiii, bropotato, join us! come to this and chill and play pve, pvp, wh, indust, everything, the world is YOUrs ! mate!

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:pill: [CRII] Coreli Corporation: Drugs & Murder [Pandemic Legion]
(BearThatCares) #3

Sounds like you need to come fly with us, bud.

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(Mr Glaser) #4

Hello @Kevrev ,

We are SUPER ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. I know you mentioned FW, but thought I would give you a shout out and see if you might want to have some fun with us. If you get a chance, come take a closer look at WHO and WHAT we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

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(Kevrev) #5

WH Space, Hmmm I once lived in one when they first came to the game. Was a lonely place in my small corp w/inactive comms. Was before Citadels with their warm fake fireplaces too. Nanogangs and Subcap Brawls sounds fun though. I don’t like the Nullsec Meta of feeling pushed into caps in order to feel viable .

(Millineon Silvership) #6

I have flown and fought bear plenty of times. I think he’s more active then he should be because he’s killed me and my dudes plenty of times. He does stuff like this all the time. No caps needed for a gf

(Mr Glaser) #7

Yes, we are super active and love to generate as much content as possible. Most of us can fly Capitals in WH, but generally are racing to kill as many of those that are tackled at the time. So usually gives the players something to cheer about rather than actually piloting them. However, there are times when we are required to get serious and fly those beast as well. Extreme situations with extreme measures of culpability attached. :slight_smile:

Come see us if you get a chance, if you don’t like what you see or hear…nothing lost but a little time.


P.S. Sorry @BearThatCares I thought that recruits response was directed at my post. But just now noticed it directed to you. Bowing out… o7

(BearThatCares) #8

In today’s nullsec, sadly unless you have multiple capital characters and a super, you won’t really be doing much at a large scale.

During our time in a large nullbloc, a titan alt + fax was required to be viable. During our time in Triumvirate, multiple dread alts were the norm. Personally I had around 6 capital accounts, while a handful of our guys had double titans and multiple fax alts. Some people enjoy it, but it’s not for us.

Times have definitely changed, and now they’re choking out lowsec groups for content. Just look at the north, 5+ lowsec groups have been completely killed by snuff.

Embrace Bob and come to wormhole space!

(Kevrev) #9

Agree with ya completely Bear, what is BOB?
I wonder if not allowing Caps in Lowsec (except for JF’s) might help fix the BlueBlob Cap Cancer in FW warzones also.

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(CaseyLP) #10

Caps aren’t the issue in Lowsec, supercaps are, I’m all for banning them from FW Lowsec. Carriers/Dreads are really helpful for bashing ihubs.

Also, BOB is the entity which watches over all of wormhole space.

(Kevrev) #11

Entity , Hmmm ok Rgr that. SuperCaps removal would be a great move for CCP …CCP are you watching?

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(Quinlin Harpy) #12


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(Lord Kalus) #13

Wormhole space best space, friend. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

(Kevrev) #14

I just left CVA, Not a fan of NRDS …

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(BearThatCares) #15

Keep in mind, like a God, not an actual group lol.

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(Kevrev) #16

Ahh IC, Do you guys use Tripwire mostly for Static Mapping? I used to use Eveeye but I think it lost its developer.

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Join the Capitalist Army! (NPC 0.0) :moneybag:
(BearThatCares) #17

Our group uses Pathfinder.

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(Valdezi) #18

Hey dude,

If you haven’t found a place for you RDC could be the answer.

We’re mature and laid back. Mostly small gang stuff. We do industry including cap building.

We are mostly western-US and AUTZ. We do ops but there’s no pressure.

Based in NPC Null. Our engagement rules are flexible.

Hit us up in game at Red Steele for more info.

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(Lord Seth) #19

Come talk to me, we have a home for vets sprinkled with new players to make all that time spent in the game useful to someone.

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(Kevrev) #20

Thanks for All you’re responses, so I think my choices are NPC null, WH’s and then FW. Leaning toward NPC null until FW gets fixed anyways…

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(Kevrev) #21

Still searching, Null ( Not Goons or Legacy), FW (Caldari) and possibly a WH group that makes forays into Null/LS/HS…

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