💊 [CRII] Coreli Corporation: Drugs & Murder [Pandemic Legion]

up a bit

to dat top

Fly high :wink: with Coreli.

upwards little topic

killing this in lowseccccccc

Come join us for the lowsec event. Guaranteed -10.0!


We’ve got more drugs than El Chapo, and twice as many exotic female dancers. USTZ is expanding. Apply today.

many dancers

to da top

upwards some more

bit of a bump

Boost your performance and your killboard. USTZ is expanding. Apply today.

Get higherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Make drugs in heaps while clappin’ geeks. Apply today.

Addicted to space violence? Apply today.



Apply today.

OUR blue pill will make you hard…to kill. Apply today!

Doggos, not druggos, hmkay?