💊 [CRII] Coreli Corporation: Drugs & Murder [Pandemic Legion]



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Doggos, not druggos, hmkay?

It doesn’t take a SOOTHSAYER to see your bright future flying with Coreli. Guaranteed Drugs and Murder. Apply today.

front page pls

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Be New Eden’s dealer of choice. Apply today.

EDENCOM or TRIGLAVIANS? Why pick sides when you can sell drugs to both. Apply today.


Not actually recruiting atm just keeping the topic alive lololol

Still not recruiting just keeping the topic alive

RECRUITING CLOSED FOR NOW, but keep us on your radars!

bunp recruitment is open again. Join now and receive no free drugs. Many high quality drugs for great prices tho!

Interested in being part of the history of New Eden? Want to join a PVP powerhouse? DROP an application today.

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