💊 [CRII] Coreli Corporation: Drugs & Murder [Pandemic Legion]

is fang back?

I am a Late USTZ dude. Work Second shift currently. Was actually interested in doing drug production on my third account. Used to hate Pan-Fam as I was kicked by you guys twice from Sov in Hero and Provi but I’ve done a 180 and I’ve always been a fan of Underdogs in general and its clear that Goons and Co. are the biggest bullies in the game . Even if Legacy was to side with Pan-Fam against them I’m not sure if Pan-Fam could win TBH.
I’ve flown with Avery Lewis in Test days so he might vouch for me not sure. Anyways I’m an older guy with an active life outside of work also and don’t want alot of requirements and drama but like my previous recruitment post says I’m very much a team player and would do my best to help corp/alliance.


@Kevrev jump into our in game channel Coreli Core and we can have a chat. I’m on late USTZ most nights.

Make friends while making drugs. Apply today!

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Hungover from your last Corp? Looking for that feeling of euphoria found in combat? Want to boost your bottom line? Apply today!

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Huff gas and kick ass! Apply today

Skilled late USTZ pilots wanted. We promise :pill: and :skull_and_crossbones:


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