Crimson Sanctuary need more pilots!


(Aideron Audeles) #5


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We still want You !

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Still open for business :slight_smile:

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:

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Join now.

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Still recruiting

65 mil Character return to game - Null
12M SP returning player looking for active corp
Looking for Active Corp // 2 character 49M sp
33mil sp pilot returning to game to try game again usa TZ
Looking For A New Pilot Friendly Corp. And A Question
100MIL+ SP Player Entertaining Corp Suggestions (Null + Industry + PVP)
40m Returning Player EU TZ
Returning Player 24m SP -Looking for Null - UK TZ
Looking for a Null Corp
Experienced player looking for a growing corp
I just want to rat in null sec
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Join now :slight_smile:

Returning pilot looking for large, fiendly social corp
31Mil Sp Character looking for null sec corp
Returning pilot looking for nullsec home
Two returning bitter vets Lf lowsec home
2 AU guys looking for something new (PvE/PvP)
Two new/returning players looking for friendly Corp! :D
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Still recruiting

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Join the fun :slight_smile:

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Still room for more :slight_smile:

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Join up now :slight_smile:

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Bring it baby

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Recruiting fighters and lovers. Probably mostly fighters :slight_smile:

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Join up.

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Keep coming

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Up again.

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up bob

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Bump me up Scotty!

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Get up!