CSM Update – Week 20

A short update on the CSM - http://dunkdinkle.com/csm-update-week-20/


While null krabs meta is probable important to someone. I see no mention about any attention from CCP to market, economy and industry. While market/economy is struggling really hard across the board.

Actually, we talk a lot about the economy.

Can you be more specific with what your concerns are?

Goons and TEST devalueing capital killmail values thanks to cheap minerals, massive proliferation and capitals being seen as expendable battleships. A capital produces higher ticks at lower cost than a battleship that is more expensive.

So CCP did announce a heavy bomber type that they are going to work on but were not going to add that to the current bombers. The way they were mentioning it they considered a new hull all together that could be BC or even BS size. What is your opinion on the size and other stats that should go into these ships.

PS: Thanks for the shot at Vegas

As far as heavy bombs, I think it’s an interesting idea. Regarding what ship, personally I think it should go on more underused hulls rather than on some of the high use hulls types (stealth bombers or T3Cs).

I do like the idea of having to commit a bigger ship to kill capitals in this way, it’s shouldn’t be low risk, low commitment to use a heavy bomb.

That’s just my opinion to spread out ship usage more, who know what the idea will eventually turn into.

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As several CSM members had publicly said they were ‘cautiously optimistic’, I hope you can see why.

Can you explain more about that, what points make you see the light at the end of the tunnel? IMO CCP’s Vegas show made it even worse, by showing … nothing of substance to revitalize EvE.

It remains unclear what the EvE devs are doing all day, the amount and quality of changes recently suggest not more than 10 people are currently working on the game.

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Oversupply, to much raw materials/minerals compared to zero destruction. 100% drop rate event sounded great as way to increase fights, but I think most of people forget that during event, expect hull nothing is removed from economy.

CCP needs to grow some balls and do huge changes. Yes krabs will leave, blackout showed that. But they need to suffer minor loss for a healthier game in future.

From many “world tour” events, Vegas and Hilmar interviews we can hear rumors about mining residing. But at that speed we will get nothing in few years. While economy is in bad state already.

ps. PLEX removed from game by banning is also funny way for CCP to drive price up.

Millions of PLEX were sucked up from a market by bots. I claimed that in the past, the price was artificialy inflated but no…it is supply-demand mechanism as all that smart asses trying to teach me.

Please do not encourage CCP. They created enough mess with their “smoking” idea of a BO.
As it was mentioned before, if CCP wants to end up without jobs, yea, the BO is a quick way to that one.

@Dunk_Dinkle raw stats post blackout?

I don’t care about mess and null krabs that can’t create own content, so they cry to CCP about new content.

We need healthier game and to do that, community and people must change. But as long as they can afk gring isk in dark corner in perfect safety. They don’t care.

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