[CVA] The Squirrel Academy >> A Special Opportunity


(Marchewa Niszczyciel) #72

Ahhh Providence :slight_smile:
Your NRDS idea is really cool.
I even wanted to somehow support Provi NRDS systems as neutral pilot by boosting up system activity so the security thing would be higher (or something like that -> I don’t quite know how that works but I was more than welcome to roam free and do whetever in boundries of NRDS doctrine).

Well … after 3 Vexors, 2 Ventures, 3 Imicus’es, 2 Iterons including podkills, it accured to me that maybe null isn’t ment for solo players like me, even in systems run by NRDS corporations. As alpha player (at that time) with little over 400 mil in pocket the loss was significant. There are allways players who just want to shoot things and especially, target has no means of fighting back. Glory…

(Chip Branson) #73

Thank you for sharing your experience Marchewa, your account reflects that of many. Welcome to Eve my friend… free to play alpha clones bait you in but the restrictions prevent you from reaping the benefits of nullsec for good reason. You’ll find solo play challenging in nullsec, even as a experienced player… no intel, no scouts, no-one to learn from or discuss things with… this is why teamwork is so important… the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. Thank you for visiting Provi… please come again o7

(Shintoko Akahoshi) #75

Oh, man, I’m torn! I’ve just come back to Eve after years away - 85 million SP character from July 2003 who specializes in small ship PVP and can fly pretty much anything sub-capital - and you folks look really good. I was involved in an NRDS alliance in the early days of Eve and I think it both makes things interesting from a RP perspective (I’m a filthy RPer, yes), and from a tactical one, as well. So when I read that you’re blatantly NRDS…

But you’re in the CVA! Terribad slavers and filthy Amarr! I mean, thanks to high social skills I can still enter Amarran space without being shot by the Amarran navy, but only just barely…

(Atreus Minmatarius) #77

Are you guys on US time? I’m a returning player with 50+mil SP that has been away for a few years, looking for a new home to ease me back into the game.

(Chip Branson) #78

Thanks for your interest in us Altreus, yep, lots of us on in the USTZ… all our members are active too… sending you a mail… o7

(Sane Skywalker) #80

112k Omega and newly started Alpha account.

Interested in what you guys are doing, but currently in the middle of a RL move… I’ll probably creep forums and what-not until settled and ready to join.

(Chip Branson) #81

Thank you for your interest in our corporation Sane… we’ll send an in-game mail for you to respond to whenever you are ready. Good luck with the RL move… o7

(Cephelange du'Krevviq) #83

I had talked to Subelecto a little over a year ago, when I was still in Alpha clone status. A few months ago, I reactivated my Omega clone status to join up with a co-worker. He made a corp, and myself and another co-worker joined. Unfortunately, RL has reared its ugly head, and the corp CEO will be out of pocket for over a year.
I am still in Omega status and am looking for a reason to log in. Currently sitting on 140m (and a bit of change) SP, and can fly most subcaps, including logi. I would be more than happy to resume a conversation with Subelecto (or any of your recruiters) to see if I would be a good fit.

(Chip Branson) #84

There’s a mail on its way to you, Ceph

(Cephelange du'Krevviq) #86

Received, read, and directions complied with.

(Chip Branson) #87

Gather your nuts and test your headset; The Squirrel Academy is recruiting…

Please see our testimonials, code of conduct, corp mantra and killboard and apply here to join.

We seek rounded, ambitious newbros’, returning players and veterans, looking for community, opportunity and purpose in the unique region of Providence.

The Squirrel Academy (2004) welcomes you to a culture of education, integration and participation, aiming to provide you with the best environment in which to develop your skills, unite with the group and fleet-up to defend the region.

  • Our Purpose: As proud members of the prestigious Provibloc coalition, our purpose is to defend Providence from would be invaders of its territories, whilst providing safe refuge for neutral pilots under our ‘Not Red Don’t Shoot’ (NRDS) rules of engagement

  • Nullsec Sovereignty in close proximity to highsec

  • Outstanding Basic training package and guidance for beginners and intermediates

  • Active Community (Eve Who tm)

  • Communications: We use Slack, Mumble, Teamspeak and forums to keep you connected

  • Generous Ore and Loot Buyback Program

  • Well stocked local markets

  • Mining Fleets 7 days a week

  • PvP fleets several times a day

  • Ship Replacement Programs

Entry Requirements:

  • Omega clone (alphas struggle in nullsec)
  • 2 Million Skill Points
  • Minmatar Cruiser Level 1 - entry level for shield based logistics
  • Gallente Cruiser Level 1 - entry level for armor based logistics
  • 6 weeks in-game experience
  • A positive ‘Fleet-up’ attitude - Everybody fights (or flies logistics)
  • Working headset
  • 10+ hrs weekly in-game activity

Our aim is to provide the complete environment for experienced players and ambitious rookies alike; continually adapting to change, achieving objectives and recruiting new players at all levels who value community, opportunity and purpose. Whether you are seeking your first player corporation, new friends, great mining, big fleet fights, vindicating ‘hot-drops’, or just a social group with whom to learn the game, we want you to feel at home with us.

Frequent corporation meetings help us to offer the very best support to ratters, miners and industrialists at beginner and advanced levels. Our experienced leadership team is new-bro friendly and happy to help.

We recruit players of all age groups and time zones, and our training plan ensures you accomplish your personal goals whilst also being able to support the corp, alliance and coalition when we need you.

So, if you value community, integration and fleet participation… Apply to join in-game or join here.