DARSTARDLY DARWINISM PIRATES! [alliance recruitment]


(Crystalline Entity) #21

Totally nailed it again

(Fast End) #22

To the tippy top

(Fast End) #23

We has a new member vid! https://youtu.be/sdk2cuNe5Rg

(Crystalline Entity) #24

I would post a video but ive got rendering issues.

Ive bitched enough on TS so I thought I would do it here instead :trumpet:

(Crystalline Entity) #25

I made a new video:

(Fast End) #26

Yesterday was a good day…



(Rzorbackzs) #27

Hi dudes,

I became part of these awesome guys and i can tell its an amazingly fun allience with alot skilled people who are willingly to train newer pilots in pvp and havin fun!!!

i ho-pe i can play with the guys again soon!!!

gr rzor

(Rzorbackzs) #28

OMG awesome iam so bummed iam still in hospittle well done bro`s

(Fast End) #29

Get better soon!

(Fast End) #30

Another new member video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuNWjklt9PA&feature=youtu.be

(Cassandra Habalu) #31

I’ll bump this too because I’m the one who even returned here after a year and a half away.

Why did I do that?

Because in DRWIN you’re not just a number, you’re an ape.

(Fast End) #32

To the tops!

(Mr Kaulis) #33

Up we go!

(Mr Kaulis) #34

Tippy top

(Mr Kaulis) #35

and back up

(Mr Kaulis) #36

This is getting a bit like groundhog day

(Gumpenkind Fuerchtenix) #37

lol recruitment is suspended.

(Gumpenkind Fuerchtenix) #38

we updated alliance despription.

(Crystalline Entity) #39

(Crystalline Entity) #40

We are in fact