DARSTARDLY DARWINISM PIRATES! [alliance recruitment]


(Fast End) #41

New member video check it out. https://youtu.be/aMKNJA7Iwls

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bumps for the bump god

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Banging sick tunes

(KaiserGrimm) #45

Looking for weaponized autism? Join the apes of Khanid today!

Returning player 47m sp looking for PVP
175M SP PVP Toon looking for a new home within US Timezone
(Desmond theMoonBear) #46

we’re interested, was hanging in your channel looking to catch up with one you you guys for a chat I’ll be on tomorrow night AUTZ but away for the weekend, here’s our post

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to the tippy tops

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tippy tops

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and up we go

(Tani LaDiva) #52

What are the requirements to join and any mandatory CTA’s?

(Mr Kaulis) #54

We have very few CTA’s honestly, but requirements would be if you’re on then come along same as any other group. Also we need one of the other Darwin nerds to post soon with a new pic or video or something there’s to much me here :smiley:

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(Beresh) #56

How active are you guys EU timings? I’m looking to just have lols!

One of best times I had in this game was when I went rouge.

Is it possible to earn isk for pirate shinanigans?! Have alt tho if needs be …

(Mr Kaulis) #57

After work time EU we have a decent number of active guys for a small group. As an example we went out in stealth bombers last night I think there was 17 of us maybe a few more and as always those who just couldn’t be bothered coming as well.

Is it possible to earn ISK, yes for sure but it depends on a lot of factors we have a guy who dedicates time to super hunting for example and gets all the loot from the kills… others gate camp in a group and that loot is shared normally or passed to alliance for our free doctrine ships. Some do their own thing and kill stuff themselves, I make decent ISK killing haulers whilst I watch netflix… best bet is to jump in our pub channel and speak to someone there get on our TS and see if you fit in take it from there.

(Mr Kaulis) #58

New member vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7gZVV9rRzU

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bumps it

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