Deamon Dragons Army Is Recruiting (USTZ Industrial/PVP Corp)


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Deamon Dragons Army is a small USTZ corp looking to rebuild after coming back from inactive gap. Seeking new and experienced Miners, Industrialists, PvP and PvE pilots to build up on a supportive alliance community.
Mining and refining, boosts.
Sov Holding Stable Alliance
Ore buyback program.
Alpha’s and new omega’s are welcome.
Corp/Alliance Discords
Corp Forums
Present Goals of the Corporation:

  1. Increase Active member count.
  2. Development of combat, industrial, mining, and research abilities.
  3. Development of internal infrastructure to support members.
    Corp Values:
  4. Real life comes first.
  5. Senior members will mentor others on the world and mechanics of EVE.
  6. Corp Members Defend Each other if attacked.
  7. We value people who demonstrate initiative.
  8. Corp Forums For Out Of Game Communications.

Ultimately we are here to have fun and to help each other out. That is the point of the corporation to leverage members and assets to assist members and the corporation on the achievement of goals. Our primary areas of focus are mining, missions. We do desire to develop all career areas: Combat Both PvP and PvE, Mining, Trade, Manufacture, Research, missions, Wormhole Exploring.
Contact Corp Diplomat Bdeath118 in-game for more Info
Or Join Recurrent channel on Corp Discord Sever.
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57M SP Mission Runner / Carebear looking for friendly corp
130m SP char looking at ... stuff
New Player (Alpha Seeking Corp)
Casual newbie here looking for a laid back crowd
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Returning Player, 24mil SP Looking for corp
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Still looking for more Industry and PvP based member to fill the Demon ranks.

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Still looking for more active pilots of all walks of EvE.

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As always still looking for new pilots.

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Aways looking and taking Apps

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