"Dear players, scarcity didn't work ..."

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Can I have your stuff?


No, how dare you, support CCP and pay for it with $$$.

Oh look, another whine thread by the newest addition to the EVE forum’s Axis of Misery. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


As long as people care enough to keep making these threads, Eve will not die.


Okay, I am not saying that scarcity is not wearing on the player base, because it is. And I sincerely hope that CCP can find a happy medium between feast and famine before we lose half the player base. Moreover, I am angry with CCP over the P2W stuff.

However, your argument sucks. People will interpret it as whiny, and it promotes a conspiracy theory. Please do better.


I mean, guys, lets look at it this way.

Did they seriously think they could simply toss the rest and make do with the P2W generation ?

Like, really ?

Biomass, it’s the only way out…


This video is not strictly relevant, but it does touch on how the gambit of crapping on your old fans to acquire and please new ones can backfire hard. And also how greed destroys good things.


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That option is simply invalid. I don’t see CCP as having changed anything to cater to gankers but rather making changes to leverage them for the purpose of the latter claim… with one change in the timing from now to a failed attempt in progress.

I don’t think I ever claimed any recent changes were to cater to gankers per se. But I have said that several old mechanics do.

…not “now” but its a work in progress…or as the OP might say…something that became a dumpster fire but which still smolders.

I could not disagree more. There is a laundry list of beloved works of fiction are riddled with continuity errors, violations of the in universe rules, ret-conning of past cannon, and so on and so forth. The movies sucked because the scripts sucked, and not because Disney didn’t rigidly adhere to cannon.

And, not like it matters, but as bigger star wars nerds than me have already pointed out, most of the arguments of cannon violations were in fact flawed. For example, force projection was actually established cannon in the extended universe before Luke did it. Huh, funny how no one threw a fit any of the times the extended universe “broke cannon.” Instead, fan accepted it as building upon and fleshing out the universe.

Oh, and the third film, which catered hard to fans, was the worst star wars movie since the prequels. I’d rather watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on repeat for 48 hours straight than watch that pile of garbage again.

I think the prequels were pretty good to be honest.


Hey Ridley! Welcome back!


Well, I don’t think she was saying you were a hypocrite. However, players have adamantly asserted both narratives -which are, of course, mutually exclusive. Now you could say that the type of player that CCP catered to has changed over the years, but you can find players asserting both at pretty much any given time. Buff to hunting? CCP caters to psycopaths. Nerf to hunting? CCP is catering to the whiny casuals.

How long can your EGOS hold :slightly_smiling_face:. Seems you have superiority complex thay needed to be adress by a Psychiatrist :hugs:. As I said, pirate pockets are not enough to fund this game.:wink:

If you started watching the second I posted the video, then you would have had just enough to time to watch it all…but not enough time to write your post in my estimation. So I posit that you did not in fact, watch the whole video. That’s unfortunate, as it does cover some things you seem to think it did not, such as this “rigidly adhere to canon” thing you say. The Laws of Canon listed make for exceptions.

Regardless, I could agree that changing canon artfully can be done but only on the basis of 1) knowing full well the canon you are changing or 2) blind luck (which is unlikely).

So I will stick with knowing the canon, and by that I also mean knowing its importance, to the story and to the fans, or in this case its importance to the game and its players. And I suppose that rather than call it “canon” that “established game modes and mechanics” might make more sense for EVE.

But on the whole its all very similar.

BTW, my opinion on Scarcity is not actually formed. I am just expanding on the thoughts of others.

I feel the need to correct that to “tried hard to cater to fans”. Doomcock says they failed to please both new and old fans and to me that sounds like a solid assessment.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

OK, you got me with that one!


Given enough changes to both sides, it can be damn hard to determine what the end balance is.

And it gets extra hard when you consider that changes will have different effects on players who are in different divisions of space.

Of course the third option is that in a sea of changes catering to P2W its easy to put too much weight on certain changes in forming an opinion while not even being aware of other changes or even not having enough knowledge of them.

I guess what I am trying to say is that distilling things down to ideas you can say are mutually exclusive does not always accurately reflect what is happening. There are lots of ways that can be totallly messed up.