Dear reader - quickly before they see

The mods seem to be asleep or comatose in which case:

  • Disobey!
  • Riot!
  • Cry havoc and let the reeee flow
  • Play EVE Online


god no. I only login to make someone miserable. No fleet yet :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get them juicy blueprints, boosters and SPs from the login reward. :wink:

oh pls no don’t remind me. I wonder if the login rewards would disappear how much the daily login numbers would be.

I first encountered it in the C&P sub-forum, Uriel.

There were folks posting there full of bluster about how they’d take gankers down because gankers ‘don’t know how to PvP’, and similar disparaging provocations - except that they always posted with a youthful clean alt never encountered out-of-station.

‘Post on your Main or GTFO’ became the go-to response. If they posted on their Main, it was felt that they were prepared to put something on the line - other than harsh words.

As I say, I only really encountered it in C&P, but I guess it could be levelled at anyone who’s suspected of having a bark worse than his/her bite.

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Ok but this is in alignment with what I wrote if someone is wrong then it doesn’t matter what they write. A guy who smack talks on an alt has no credibility so it is completely warranted to dismiss him until he posts on his active character.

But for example if someone provides an actual argument and it is not responded to on the basis of character age then it is just an attempt to discredit the person, attacking a straw man, instead of responding to the argument and having a discussion about the actual subject.

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Its again. Bidet.

Nalana Vos Is based and redpilled for making this thread

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Get a Sigma male grindset or GTFO. Eve Online is only for the Sigma male gamer with a good grindset.

Reported for being a “Alpha male”, We are Sigmas here.

I’m pretending this thread is an early part of the Dr. Who crossover based on similar quality of writing between the two.

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Where did i said i am Alpha. I am downgrading you to a Ligma, you are not even close to Sigma.


I guess mods are trolling you letting the thread open, to show YOU who’s the ALPHA!


That would be the wise thing to do. I do not believe them to be capable of such performance.
However i am ready to be wrong. It won’t make my pepe smaller. But to be declared Alpha they need to fight me @ sun in a honorable duel.

It’s not the size, but the amount of PLEX.

You don’t have enough…

and the scarfs are in microtransaction packages…

are the event sites even showing to omega players?

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My answer was to Lesican with is shitty 0/10 “Alpha male” meme.

this is eve, the whole thing is a giant shitty meme

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